The adventure is almost on!

I guess this is just an update to anyone who is interested to where we are at with our plans.

We sent a message to everyone we could have think of a couple of months ago, and due to the overwhelming response from all our friends we have decided to see if we can do something about it.

After you all got back to us, we have been in touch with several boat owners and things are progressing.  We’re looking for a steel boat which is well maintained and kept at the MCA Cat 0 (this means that she is equiped as a go-anywhere boat in good condition), and an owner or organisation that sees what we wish to do and is keen to be involved.  As you can imagine these are highly specialised yachts and so are of limited availability.

We have also started taking steps towards setting up a small company in order to make things slightly more formal.

We still entirely believe in running as a not for profit organisation and our aim is to deliver this adventure as close to our cost of running it as possible.

If anyone has any questions, hints, advice or expert knowledge on anything we may need please get in touch.

Fair winds,

James Boyce


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