Thankyou to Kukri!

Fantastic news, following the finals of the Kukri Adventure Scholarship competition yesterday Kukri have decided to sponsor 5 expeditions… including Adventure2013!

As well as money they have offered to help us with our media and outreach to make sure we can share this trip with even more people.  We met some really exciting people including Sarah Outen (an amazing lady half way through London 2 London via the world), Mark Beaumont (round the world cyclist and Arctic rower), Ben Shephard (GMTV, Sky Sports broadcaster and adventure enthusiast), Michelle Rothwell (who like us uses her spare time to attempt challenges and is currently the fastest woman to complete the Arch2Arc challenge) and of course Woody, Crispin and Katey from Kukri. We look forward to working closely with them all over the next year.

Following the announcement of the winners we celebrated with the other adventurers who recieved sponsorship.  These included Super Cycling Man (a really nice man who brought 20 of his school class with to the final), Sam and Henry (two out of the three mississippi kayakers), Nick (who is going to break an endurance record in a very high tech ‘barrel’ on Rockall) and Niall (who is going to row the Atlantic from New York to Stornoway and has sailed Elinca before!).

Also a big thanks to Zoe. On Thursday night she asked if we had paper copies of our presentation incase of technical problems.  We hadn’t, so she printed some out for us and came all the way across town in her lunch hour to deliver them to us. Three slides in to our presentation the computer froze.  Zoe to the rescue!


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