Following in the wake of Sarah Outen

Planning this adventure has thrown us together with all sorts of inspiring people from all over the world offering help, advice and caution.  As our countdown clock ticks down to the start line other adventurers clocks have already started counting forwards again as they have set off!

This weekend Sarah Outen set out from Japan to row solo across the Pacific Ocean continuing her journey ”London 2 London via the world” that she started in 2011.  On her last attempt the tropical storms won and the damage to her little boat Gulliver was such that she was forced to abandon it.  We are hoping that 2013 is lucky for both of us and that Sarah makes it across this time in Happy Socks. 

Sarah was one of the judges on the Kukri panel that chose to award Adventure2013 part of the Kukri scholarship. Since then she has been offering help with everything from trackers to crew members.  We asked Sarah to write us something for our blog the night before she set sail… she wrote 

”It looks like it might be a goer this weekend…wooop! So a very brief message from me for your blog as I really must get some sleep…

`From one salty rower to the crew of Adventure 2013 – Wishing you the most fantastic journeys as you prepare to head South. I must admit I am rather envious of your route and plans – it will be a fantastic set of adventures you come home with.

I first heard of the Adventure 2013 guys through my role as  a Judge with the Kukri Adventure Scholarship and was instantly hooked. I am delighted we could support them.  I am going to be off on my adventures again very soon – in fact in the next couple of days I expect to be setting out from Japan to row solo to Canada. I expect it to take six months or so. From there I shall pedal east to the other side of the continent and then row home across the North Atlantic. I wonder if my boat Happy Socks and I will cross paths with the Adventure 2013 guys on our way home!
All best for the seas ahead, Sarah and Happy Socks`

And with that – I must head to bed.
Heres to fair winds for both of us,


You can read more about Sarah and her amazing adventure at:

Sarah and Happy Socks

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1 Response to Following in the wake of Sarah Outen

  1. Jon Seddon says:

    Another of the Kukri Adventure Scholarship finalists has also been in the news lately. Nick Hancock’s bid to spend 60 days on Rockall is progressing well:

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