Interview with Joe Parker

What is your name?

Joe Parker

where are you from?

Southampton, now live in South London

what do you do for a living?

I’m a songwriter and a biologist. But trying to learn how to be a composer.

Which legs are doing?

All the cool southern ones!!

what role are you taking?

Gin caddy. No seriously – in the odd extremely rare off-moment I’m going to be working on a sample chapter for a book about human/biological networks I want to hawk round the publishers (to pay for the trip!)

What are your aspirations for the trip?

1 – Stay alive. 2 – Make friends. 3 – See some pack ice!

What are you most excited about about?

Definitely ice, but also really excited about polar bioluminescence; I saw it in the Arctic in 2005 and I love that stuff…

What are you most nervous about about?

Being unable to cycle for months – I might go crazy!

What are doing leading up to the trip / after the trip?

Before I’ll be working every single hour to get ready. Afterwards my boss wants me back in the lab in London (but I might try and squeeze a week in Buenos Aires, eheheheh)

What will you miss most from home?

My bike (see above)!


Joe Parker also has his own website, it seems to be about his music and his science. If you are sailing with Joe and want to learn more about him then check out:

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