Message from Emma Layfield – Leg 10

Hi there! My name is Emma and I am a science teacher from an independent prep school in York. I am very excited to be involved in the adventure and am fulfilling an ambition to cross the Atlantic, from Rio to the Canaries during Easter 2014.

I have been a volunteer with Ocean Youth Trust North for a few years and really love the challenge of sailing with young people, but I want to push myself and sail a long passage with others who equally enjoy the sport. I am really looking forward to seeing South America and plan to explore Rio for a few days beforehand but am equally excited and maybe slightly nervous about meeting all the crew for the first time and spending long hours in each other’s company in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. I have done a fair amount of sailing, but never a long passage such as this but I can’t wait to experience all that the ocean has to offer.

My school are supporting me and will be tracking my journey online, and I hope that I can enthuse the young people that I work with to go out and experience the world for themselves. I am very lucky to have an equally adventure mad husband who will be caring for our 2 young daughters while I am away, but I will miss them all and hope to be reunited in the Canaries. As for my plans after the trip – well watch this space!

Emma Layfield

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