Name: John Theakston

I’ll be 61 when I’m aboard and I live in London as an expatriate Yorkshireman. I work part time as a non executive director of a couple of companies – otherwise retired.

I’m doing the second Antarctic leg and then back to Uruguay by the Falklands and South Georgia. Training as breadmaker and part time photographer


Fulfils a number of long term aspirations – doing some serious blue water sailing; visiting the Antarctic, but not with 300 other people; doing some glacier walking on South Georgia; taking some memorable photographs of memorable wildlife; catching some trout on the Falklands

Most excited about
The whole thing

Most nervous about
Vomiting around the south Atlantic

Leading up to the trip

Researching Scopolamine patches/apologising for things said under the influence of Scopolamine (it was apparently used in the past as a ‘truth’ drug)

What will you miss most from home?
Clean, dry clothes and a regular bath

198593_5175920585_9825_n[1]John Theakston in another exciting adventurous place

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