What should we take with us? Advice from Marple Browines

We asked Marple Brownies, Guides and Rainbows what they would take with them if they were setting off on a sailing expedition. They were already experts on the subject of penguins and had a lot of ideas for games we could play on watch. We were very interested to hear their advice.

Rainbows (aged 5-7) top 10 items to take with us:

Pyjamas, shampoo, slippers, photos of family, grandma, soap, wellie boots, gloves, hat

Brownies (aged 7-10) top 10 items to take with us:

Teddy,  play station 2,  pen and paper,  lord of the rings,  Harry Potter,  The BFG,  The Witches,  board games,  thermals,  first aid kit,  hot water bottle

Guides (aged 10-14) top 10 items to take with us:

Hair brush, toothpaste, camera, DVDs, I-Pad, Kindle, 21 pairs of socks, 21 pairs of knickers, chocolate, baby penguin

Other advice

Girls should change their T-shirts once a week

Boys should change their T-shirts every day

Many thanks to Marple Guides, Brownies and Rainbows for their input!

1361382917670Picture = rainbows learning what sailors wear

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