Schools Outreach

I’ve recently had several really fun days talking in assemblies and talking to children at schools in Southampton, Wirral and Liverpool. We depart on our adventure on September 24th and we will return in May 2014 and so it fits really neatly into the school year. We’re really keen to share our enthusiasm for our adventure with as many people as possible and the Kukri Adventure Scholarship gave us funding to improve our communications equipment so that we can send back regular position reports and blog entries. Schools can email us questions and we’ll get Elinca’s crew of fourteen to reply.

The photos below are from my morning at Sandfield Park School in Liverpool. We talked about where the Arctic and Antarctica are on the globe, what types of wildlife there are in the Arctic and Antarctica and what life will be like on Elinca. We had a race with two models of Elinca blown by pupils. When there was too much wind the waves became too big and sprayed the boats with water and so we tried on oilskins so that everyone could see how we’ll keep warm and dry when it gets windy. At Thornton Hough School we saw how much space each person will have on Elinca to store their belongings and the pupils came up with lots of helpful suggestions about what each person should take. At Shamblehurst School we looked at how fast Elinca can sail and how long it will take to get to Antarctica.

Once we depart in September people can follow our progress using the tracking page on our website. We’ll post regular updates on this blog and schools can email us any questions that they want answering. We also have some A1 maps of our route. You can download a copy here or we have a few copies printed on glossy paper; please get in touch if you would like a copy.





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