Excited and terrified update!

So we’re about to go full time preparing Elinca for leaving and this seemed like a good point to bring you all up to date on what we’ve been up to.

 Clare and James go up this week to Stornoway to help Angus(the owner) to get Elinca ready – she’s got gas and watermakers to be installed, she’ll have to be lifted for survey and her rig inspected, all her safety stuff fitted and checked, her meds updated, and countless other small jobs. 

 We’re also really excited to introduce Stormgeo, who’ve amazingly offered to supply us with professional forecasts and weather routing from their UK base in Aberdeen.  They’re a big weather forecasting company with specialities in oil and gas amongst a whole host of other things and James is going up to meet them this week.  This will be of huge value to us as we could never have afforded this sort of service – we’re massiveley indebted to Andy Brown for this link up.  You can see what they do here http://www.stormgeo.com/

 Our branded Buffalo jackets will be collected from Buffalo this week and delivered to the embroiderers to have our very snazzy logo added, so i owe another thanks to Buffalo themselves for this amazing deal, and to Andy Kitching for his work designing the logo.  Buffalo are a brilliant British company doing a whole range of outdoor clothing and you can see what they do here http://www.buffalosystems.co.uk/

On top of all that our insurance is nearly completely dealt with, our permits for both Antarctica and South Georgia are in, Clare James and Cliggy are now jobless and all is charging towards our party in Falmouth on the 21st September.  Hope to see you there!

 James and the team



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