Another Sunday in Stornoway

Another Sunday in Stornoway and maybe our last week here. We have arranged for Elinca to be lifted out of the water to have her bottom scrubbed and inspected next Monday in Fairlie (in the Clyde). At the moment it’s hard to imagine leaving in five days time with the injectors still off the engine, a toilet and cooker to fit and the floor of the boat invisible under a thick coating off tools. Nevertheless, amongst the chaos there is positive progress. The hole the ceiling indicates the newly fitted wind instruments and the heater exhaust strewn across the deck is evidence of our smoky eberspeacher sent away for a service. We’ve built shelves where there were none and ordered all our medication (which we hope will stay in it’s shiny packaging). Clare has taken off one of our posh ‘button flush’ heads and James has cleaned one of the old Challenge business ‘pump heads’ which Angus has using a flowerpot for the past few years. We now have ‘posh head’ and ‘peasant head’ to cater for those who want luxury and those who want a workout.

Colette’s arrival on-board was celebrated with a several pints in the local pub and a morning of cleaning. As well as Colette we welcome 100m of anchor chain, a new dinghy and two very cosy fisherman’s work suits for the unlucky sods who have to run our shorelines ashore in Antarctic conditions.

Thanks to Angus and Innes who have been working hard and to local harbour seals who keep constant watch over the boat (and are rumoured to have a taste for human flesh)

Clare Xx

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