Clean shiny bilges

A winning day … which is good because yesterday was mostly a losing day. The seized sea cocks finally gave way in the face of Bill Rayners awesome power… and some really big tools. The boot top is now squeaky clean and the hull is ready for antifouling. It’s lovely doing these jobs at a temperature where the paint will actually dry!

Innes sorted more stuff that needed doing.

Special thanks to Nick Crawford for a detailed survey and his valued opinions. He has made our jobs list longer but we have time and it’s reassuring to know that such cool folk have got our backs .

For those of you who enjoy a good bilge shot here are a couple of our newly scrubbed interior and Cliggy looking sultry.

DSC_0133 DSC_0137

We’ve been working too hard (and in really dirty places) to take many photos today but tomorrow we should have some of our shiny new antifouling. Our workforce will be re-enforced by Di Roberts (yet another surveyor) for some hull ultra-sounding fun and by the owner Angus Smith.

Looking forward to three weeks time and seeing everyone at the leaving party,

Clare (and the rest)

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