Weekends in windy Fairlie

I woke up this morning imagining i was at sea… which is a bad thing, because the boat is out of the water in a cradle on land, but it was moving quite a lot!

We’ve been busy working on the underside, replacing seacocks and anodes and antifoul and the duo of Bill and Di have been hard at work on any horrible job i can throw at them!  Angus and Innis have been wrestling with jobs given to them by the surveyor (who visited on Friday to do Elincas out of water part of her survey(like a boat MOT)).  

And those of you who’re going to cold places will be glad to know i’ve started to reinstall the heater (the red wire goes to… oh, the black one!)

Tomorrow we go back in the water, and have a rigger coming to look over the rig and we’ll be replacing some parts with new as well.  A happy mast is a happy James 🙂

But all of that happens after i go get my bacon roll.




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1 Response to Weekends in windy Fairlie

  1. elin says:

    Good to hear that everything is going fine and that Elinca is soon in the water again ! We have now reached Iceland, and it’s getting colder and colder…Good luck on your trip south ! All the best, elin and alan

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