A few very small holes and slip proof deck shelter

crash bulkhead DSC_0147 DSC_0150 DSC_0152

Top left: Clare pumping water out of the crash bulkhead (don’t panic, it’s just seepage down from some wire’s from the nave lights and it’s taken 4 years to get a foot deep)

Top Right: the lovely new non-slip roof on the cockpit cover ‘puket’. This is not only a safety feature but a thing of some beauty

Bottom left: Elinca alongside in Victoria dock in Greenock. Many thanks to OYT Scotland for the use of their pontoon. We waved off Alba Venturer this morning and that’s Alba Endeavour on the pontoon behind us… Elinca’s big sister a challenge 72.

Bottom Right: Innes inspecting one or two small indentations in the Aluminium mast. She’s having a full rig inspection tomorrow and some precautionary reinforcement work done on the mast later this week.

The big thankyou today goes to Kerry McMillan who not only helped us get our med kit in order and made multiple cups of tea and coffee… but did it all on her day off working on Challenge boats!

More tomorrow when we are joined by Jon Seddon. James leaves for Canada and his brothers wedding (don’t panic he’s back on Monday) and the rigger turns up to inspect the rest of our mast. Keep your fingers crossed!!

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