We’re coded!

We had some great news this afternoon. Dennis the surveyor was happy with the work that everyone has been doing to Elinca over the last five weeks. Elinca is now coded to sail in category zero waters, this means that Elinca is in a good enough condition to sail anywhere in the world. We now need to give her a good clean, finish tightening the rig and get the sails on.
Dennis and Angus inspecting the engine.

It’s been a few days since we last updated the blog but we’ve been busy with lots of different jobs. Several stays have been replaced on the rig, the mast has been put back in and the rig has been reattached.

Innes mounting the watermaker pump.
Over the last two days we’ve had several trips to the supermarket and wholesalers and so we’ve got all the food for the delivery to Falmouth and most of the non-perishables for all the way to Rio. The down below team have done a great job cleaning and emptying the galley and storage and then filling it with all our new stores.

Fabiola and Jon sorting through some of the food.
Despite the great news about Elinca unfortunately the weather’s not on our side. There are force 8 and 9 gales forecast for today and tomorrow. When we’re out on the ocean passages the boat and team are strong enough to cope with these winds but with a fresh crew onboard we’re better waiting in Greenock until the winds have moderated. We’re hoping to leave on Tuesday and we’ll stop in Holyhead to pick up the extra equipment that we’ve been storing in Marple and Wirral. We’ll then continue to Falmouth for the leaving party on Saturday and then our departure on leg 1.

Thanks to the eleven people onboard Elinca, the owners (Angus, Innes Tony and Findlay), plus our helpers James’ family (Jim, Jonny, Carolyn, Suzanne and Liam), everyone at OYT Scotland (particularly Trev, Hazel and Danielle) and Di, Bill, Nick, Jen and Kerry. Thanks also to Ben Whinnet, Dave Hodgson and Nick Legg with their help getting the medical kit arranged.

Today is Mexican Independence Day and there are great smells coming from the galley where Fabiola is currently cooking a Mexican supper to celebrate that and our coding.

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