Ship shape

Spirits have been high today, despite some disappointment that we’re not out at sea. We’re raring to go and in the morning we plan to slip our moorings and begin the sail south.

Mexican independence night last night was fantastic, with great food thanks to Fabiola, and something to celebrate after getting coded.

ImageMexican night

Today we started in earnest on getting the boat ship shape. Raffe and Fanny cleaned and organised the galley, Jane and Fabiola cleaned the cabins, and James, Tom and Ian cleared and cleaned the decks. We bought more long storage food including storm food in tins to be used if the weather is too rough to spend effort cooking, and some of those special pickles and sauces that you just can’t find outside of the UK. The rig was tuned and tightened, and Jon was kept very busy all day re-installing our chart plotter/radar and setting up our satellite phone. Everyone was kept very busy today, and we’re so glad of such a useful and work happy crew.

ImageJane helps Richard cut some wood

We had another reason to celebrate today as it was Raffe’s birthday. So we celebrated as is appropriate on a ship – with a nice dinner and a delicious cake baked by Raffe’s mum.

ImageThe birthday princess


ImageThe joy cake brings



Down to the serious stuff now. We had a crew briefing from Clare explaining the dangers on the boat and how to look after ourselves and the boat. So it will be an early morning and hopefully a lovely sail. Elinca and the Adventure2013 delivery crew are ready to set sail. Next stop Holyhead!

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