Rounding lands end

Sorry for the radio silence folks. We are indeed on our way to Falmouth. We were delayed on our departure by work and southerly winds (not helpful when south is the only way you want to go!). We’re just rounding Lands End now, and hope after the tide turns to make a quick run to Falmouth, getting us in in the afternoon!

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!


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2 Responses to Rounding lands end

  1. Just rounded lizard point now. Maybe a couple of hours to Falmouth. We’ll all be pretty relieved to get there. This morning when we could only make 3 knots against the tide, it looked for a short while like we might not make our own leaving party!

  2. says:

    Hello Elinka

    Welcome to Falmouth !!! We’ll done !!! See you later.

    Peter Flutter. O.C.C. Port Officer Falmouth

    Sent from my iPad


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