Made it to our leaving party… just

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With only 36 hours to go until we were due in Falmouth we were still firmly tied to the pontoon in Holyhead watching the waves break over the harbour wall and the weather forecast resolutely predict that the wind would die down  eventually. However, there came a point when we could wait no longer. If we didn’t catch the next tide around the South Stacks and head south we would miss our own leaving party. Not a thought any of us were happy with and surely a bad way to begin a 9 month voyage. So we took our sea sickness tablets and headed out into the swell.

And it was worth it!

We want to say a massive thank you to the 90 people who made the effort to travel to Falmouth this Saturday and see us off. The boat was alive with people from the moment we switched the engine off and it’s only now that we have a quiet boat once more and time to write. We were incredibly touched and amazed to see so many people and hope that everyone had a fantastic time. Special thanks go to Peter and Sue from the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club and Ocean Cruising Club for welcoming us into such a fantastic venue. We hope to be returning there next May for our coming home celebrations. Also to Andy Kitching and Andy Taylor for providing the evenings entertainment. A stylish pre-trip video, a topical poem and a series of challenges that, if completed, awarded the prestigious ‘I’ve been to Antarctica on Elinca scout badge’ (discontinued).

Following the official celebrations there were many spin off celebrations that continued long into the night. Here are just a few pictures of the voyage down and our incredible send off.

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