Day 1 on Elinca – 1st contact made!!!

Day 1 on Elinca! We are now approximately 70 miles south of Falmouth by a combination of sailing and motoring through the night. A maximum wind Force 3 overnight meant calm water and a rather gentle start to the voyage. We are aiming for the North Spanish coast hoping to catch some more wind further down the coast of Portugal. The crew are getting settled into the watch rota and the night watches were treated to some visiting dolphins dancing in the phosphorescence. A beautiful sight as we were sailing in the moonlight. Later on the fog came down so radar watch and listening for fog horns were top of the agenda.

PS Clare asked me to add that we’ve just drunk our first cup of water from the watermaker.

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1 Response to Day 1 on Elinca – 1st contact made!!!

  1. Phil Seedhouse says:

    A shame it’s not a gin maker! Happy sailing to everyone there. Wish I could be with you.
    Andrea’s dad.

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