Day 3 / Post 2 from Elinca

*image not from Elinca...but you get the idea!

*image not from Elinca…but you get the idea!

Day 3 on Big Sis ‘linca (Big Brother Voice): Pilot Whales spotted on the port bow was cried this morning and no one has seen the crew move so fast! Special mention has to go Andrea who was out of bed dressed and on deck filming in under 60 seconds. We are currently sailing across the Bay of Biscay and with maximum wind speed of force 3 and a sun that has come out, it is all swell. James has got the sextant out and has started teaching some of the crew how to use it, so hopefully we’ll be pros by the time we cross the Atlantic.

Until next time,

The Crew

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2 Responses to Day 3 / Post 2 from Elinca

  1. Jack says:

    I think we saw them too on Disco… along with a big rorqual… about 200nm or so west of Brittany a couple of days ago.

    • Jon says:

      Awesome, good news that Disco’s out and about. Keep an eye open for Elinca if the hydrographic trials are off the Canaries. We leave Lisbon for there today, getting there around Tuesday and then we’ve four days prep before we set out for the Atlantic.

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