Day 4 – Wildlife & the skippers birthday!!!

Another day to windward. Smash… smash… that’s the sound of the bow hitting the sharp waves at 7 knots as we draw closer to the Spanish coast. Thanks to Jim’s Mum for the delicious ginger cake that has been keeping us going through the night watches. Yum! There is some heavy weather around the corner so we plan to shelter in La Coruna for the evening. By coincidence this evening happens to be skipper James’ birthday! He’s 32 today and has so far spent his birthday fixing things although the crew sang happy birthday to him at 2am and we’re told he did get a cup of coffee and a hug off his girlfriend at watch change.

An update on nature watch from Colette – because yesterday was a fabulous day for it. We have seen loads of dolphins. They were almost permanently with us for the first couple of days with sightings both day and night. I’m pretty certain they were all short-beaked common dolphins (it’s hard to tell at night). These are the same species as the ones seen in Richard’s video on our trip from Stornoway. The short-beaked common dolphin is a very playful, smallish dolphin around 2 m long that usually swims around in schools of 15 – 20. As well as that we saw a pod of pilot whales, a small species of whale not much bigger than a dolphin. Three of the pilot whales broke off from the main pod for a short while to bowride with us. And just shortly after, the call of whale got me out of bed once more. This time it was a “proper whale”, i.e. a big one. Unfortunately I just caught the grey back as it dived down deep and couldn’t make an identification.

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7 Responses to Day 4 – Wildlife & the skippers birthday!!!

  1. Sharon McDonald says:

    Happy birthday James, x

  2. peter flutter says:

    Hello Crew    You have made a great start to your voyage.  Happy Birthday James !  I remember my first crossing of the Bay – hove to for 24 hrs just off the contintal shelf that saw another yacht inside the shelf strapped in their bunks !  It all depends where you are and where you want to go !   The fog continued in Falmouth but today [ Fri ] its warm and sunny. Wind and rain forcast for tomorrow. Same depression that you are avoiding in Corunna.  Pity not to get round Finisterre but sensible – I have motored round in oily calm but mostly it blows hard from the North !   Good Winds    Peter 

  3. Margaret Scott says:

    Happy birthday James – have a good day. Hope you are having a blast xx

  4. Michael Lavelle says:

    Good start. I believe there is a shortage of Cadbury’s Buttons in mainland uk. Hope Spanish customs accept chocolate! Have a good evening in Corunna! Is your AIS working or am I a numpty? mike L

    • Hi Michael – here’s a reply from Elinca:

      “The AIS tracking only works when we’re close to shore AIS stations as AIS was only originally designed so that vessels at sea could see each others’ positions. The most reliable way to follow us is via the satellite yellowbrick tracker on the website”

  5. Barbara Saegall says:

    Glad Jim!s mum’s cake is keeping the watch going. Here in St Petersburg she and I are having a cultural time. Just back from the ballet. Sipping Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and munching salami sandwiches.

  6. Carolyn Boyce says:

    Happy birthday James. The blogs are very interesting, keep these up, it makes it an adventure at home to. Mum xx

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