Not far to Lisbon, and at last we’re on the right course.

Hi folks, this is coming from Jim the elder statesman on board. My son James is the skipper. Hey dad he said one day, how do you fancy sailing to Lisbon with us as part of our mammoth adventure.

It will be great he said, sunshine, light winds, excellent company, just like that cruise you and mum did last year on Royal Caribbean.
Well let me tell you, he lied. It has been very wet the last 24 hours, and Andy has used up all his dry socks. Yesterday we had 30 knot winds on the nose, were down to two reefs in the main and a handkerchief for jib and we were still going in the wrong direction. Elinca fought bravely through the night and we are now approx 95 miles from Lisbon. I can hear the showers calling from here. Oh and did i mention the heads (toilets) packed up. James and Zoe did manage to fix them at 3 o clock this morning.

All in all it’s been a great trip down, excellent company, some amazing sights, one or two great days sailing. Oh and Liam if you are reading this we saw whales as well. Colette has promised me more today on our watch, so we will see what happens.

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5 Responses to Not far to Lisbon, and at last we’re on the right course.

  1. Anne Crawford says:

    That is so funny Jim, Elder statesman. Hope the socks have dried. Glad you are all having a fabulous time. I follow the blogs daily. Say ‘Hi’ to Jess,my brave niece, for me. Any more photos?

  2. Margaret Scott says:

    Hi big brother – sounds like you have had some challenges and some fun!! Enjoy Lisbon abd we will see you soon to hear all about your trip xx

  3. Michael Lavelle says:

    I always thought Zoe would make a good maintenance engineer. Have all of the chocolate buttons gone yet? Elinca is now appearing on AIS steadily tracking down towards Lisbon, she appeared on the screen the moment after I asked the numpty question……but its nice to see her amongst the clutter of freighters, tankers, fishing boats and other craft, I guess AIS is a sort of LORAN system, (used by aircraft), via autotriangulation as opposed to the satellite whizzo stuff that the yellow brick uses! (Better than my plotting. Best I could do with an aircraft sextant was work out i was somewhere in the nothern hemisphere – Sometimes!). Keep smiling, I expect the bad weather you had is about to get to us on land!


  4. Mike Hartley says:

    Hey guys,

    Have been watching your progress, and wishing I was there too.

    There’s more than one AIS tracking website, but here’s one I’ve been looking at, with your very own link:

    All the best,


  5. Hi granda unlike your bad weather (hopefully not that bad) ours been lovely and sunny, we have just finished playing in the sunny park. Hope you arrive safely in Lisbon tonight, looking forward to seeing you again soon love Liam and gran xx

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