There they go again…

Elinca left Cascais at 14.45 today and is currently at 038°38.25N 009°23.18 W (at 16:51 BST), en route to Las Palmas. Bon voyage again, and happy birthday to Clare for tomorrow.


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7 Responses to There they go again…

  1. peter flutter says:

    Hello All Adventurers   Happy Birthday Clare !   I guess you cut it fine getting into Cascais !   I think the high rise has taken over since ’79. I enjoyed the anchorage in the bay before going up the Tagus to Doca bom Successor- across the road to the carriage Museum. It wasn’t long since their revolution – armed police outside the Marina and graffiti everywhere. Pity you have to miss Madiera and Salvegem Islands. We had a fast passage including running under bare poles for 48 hours and aiming for the Berlinga Gap.  Great memories.   Good Winds   Peter

    • Sheila says:

      Pleased you are able to commence journey, hope the weather is more favourable for you. Love reading all your daily news.

  2. Anne Crawforx says:

    Hi Jess , your mum and Will here at mine talking a lot about you and all the crew on the trip. I am learning all these nautical terms so it is quite an education for me. Hope the sun shines for you all.
    Lots of love Auntie Anne

  3. Hilary Garratt says:

    hi Jess ,its mum and Will here and we are at auntie Anne’s
    Will says hello and hope you are having a great time . I look forward to your next call mad blogs – I look every day and show my work friends each day where u are and what u r doing . Try t take as many pics as you can as Autie Anne wants to do a book 4 u about your adventures
    Miss you lots
    All my love
    Mum xxxxxxx

  4. Joan Atherton says:

    from Joan
    Hi Jess. Have a good trip down to the Canaries..hopefully you will see some sun and Louise in Las Palmas. Joanxx

  5. Gemma says:

    Happy Birthday Clare, hope the weather is kind to you and its a day to remember, Gemma xx

  6. Mike says:

    Looks like there’s not much wind for you at the moment… hope it improves soon. Still, your AIS data is also saying 27C which sounds lovely (it’s dark and raining here right now).

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Clare!

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