ASTO Small Ships Race

A message from ASTO chairperson Lucy, which was forwarded to us this morning, reminded us that last weekend was the ASTO Small Ships Race. For anyone who hasn’t heard of this prestigious event, it’s a day race organised by UK Sail Training in which around thirty boats crewed by young people sail a course around the Solent. It’s an amazing day (and night) out and the Captains Daughters are proud to have been competing in it since 2007, sometimes with as many as four boats. Sadly, the day came last year when we no longer counted as young people (we’re almost all over 26) and no amount of moisturising cream was going to fool the race committee.  Most of the crew of Elinca have sailed in the Small Ships Races more than once over the past six years and would just like to say thank you to Lucy (and Craig before her) for putting up with us. Sorry for always being the last ones to complete our safety inspection (sometimes just minutes before the race), sorry for any briefings for which we were late, sorry for our appalling singing and for drinking most of the wine provided by Richard Branson’s mum. We hope that there is another group of young sail trainers out there somewhere ready to take over where we left off.

Adventure2013 statistic: over 75% of the crew of Elinca (57 people in total) got into sailing through UK sail training charities

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1 Response to ASTO Small Ships Race

  1. Gemma says:

    Some of us were too old to start with but don’t feel so old now that the rest of you are catching up : )

    Loving the blogs… Highlight of my day at the moment!

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