Beating Cabin Fever

Day 6 at sea and the trade winds have brought us consistency, sunshine, a following sea, and a most respectable average speed of around 7 knots. Spirits are high as we enjoy barefoot sailing and indulge in yet more sun sights with the sextant. The main and headsail are still goose-winged and the engine’s purpose is resigned solely to charging the batteries.

After so many days however we are beginning to wonder if we can remember what any of the ropes do – none have been touched for a while, and even the course is so consistent that at helm changeover “same” is enough of a description to warrant a handover. This has begun the worrying trends associated with cabin fever. The awe of the night’s sky has been overshadowed by toilet humour, and Nick’s video narration over dinner is, well, you’ll see it soon…

Toilet humour you ask? Well, imagine settling down into your night watch with some very gaseous men, who aren’t afraid to belch and pump it out when ever they see fit. Being a girl (and we all know, girls don’t fart), I stood up in the centre of the cockpit in protest and to get some fresh air, only to receive a burp in the face from he-who-shalt-not-be-named at the helm. Charming. It wasn’t just me who couldn’t take it, even James, who sleeps below the cockpit, found the smell that bad he shut his window, preferring the heat instead of dealing with the smell of his crew.

Even though our routine sounds rather repetitive, we have also been quite innovative. We realised that the lack of rope usage meant lack of exercise so Andy K, Nick and Jess invented a watch workout routine to keep those muscles solid (ish). Exercises include pull ups off the spray hood (now referred to as phuket), press-ups across the cockpit and squats whilst helming (which is quite the balancing act). If we stick to it, we should be beefed up in no time!

On another note James, Clare and Colette will pass a huge milestone today – at around noon we’ll have travelled half way to the equator from our start point in Stornoway!
For folk new to navigating, we left from 57 degrees 57 minutes North and we’ll be at 28 degrees 59 minutes North at about 1200 British summer time (each degree down the world is split up into 60 minutes, and each minute = 1 nautical mile)

Andy K, Jess, and James

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2 Responses to Beating Cabin Fever

  1. Kevin Crawford says:

    Hi Jess,

    Just to let you know all the folks here in Canada are tracking your progress every day on Yellowbrick. Keep up the good work everyone! It’s so exciting to hear about your adventures.

    Lots of love

    Kevin, Lynda, Michael, Simon and Leah (Crawford), and daisy our dog.

  2. Gemma says:

    Can you ask Jon did he live in Haley VI please? If he has lived there then I have some quiz questions to ask him after a fascinating read about it in the New Civil Engineer magazine …normal life resumes next weekend ;o)

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