One photo to keep you going…  Elinca in her berth and the palm trees swaying in the breeze. The internet has proved to slow to upload our latest video but that’s a problem that we will solve tomorrow. Same story with the photos but don’t worry there are lots on the way.

We’ve had a working day today, more winch servicing, cleaning, greased the steering gear, rig check and we’ve had the contents of the forepeak out on deck to air (you can see that on the photo). Now we’re heading out to dinner. Tomorrow the crew has a whole day off to relax before preparations for our Atlantic crossing begin on Friday… Friday might be the biggest supermarket shop any of us has ever done!

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  1. Joan Atherton says:

    All enjoy Las Palmas sunshine and the bars and Jess enjoy your time with Louise Paul Georgia and Noah.

  2. Tom Lally says:

    No surprise to see that mine and Jim’s efforts at getting that vinyl sticker to stay on proved to be a complete disaster

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