Away we go!

Well, it’s 11.30 and we’ve just left the fuel berth at Las Palmas marina.
It’s hard to feel scared about setting out to cross the Atlantic Ocean when
the sun is shining and we’re all in shorts and T-shrits drinking fanta.
In-fact it felt more daunting leaving the UK. However, when I think very
hard about it the thought does give me a little shiver of excitement.

We had an epic day yesterday loading the boat up with food. Every locker is
full and we have an awesome menu plan for the next month… especially if we
get a stop in the Cape Verde Islands for more fresh vegetables and milk.
This week starts with greek salads, stir frys, beef stew, chicken Coq au Vin
and jambalaya. We do have one corn beef hash dinner as the very last meal on
the 28 day plan. We put it there as an incentive to sail faster and
therefore never have to eat it!

For anyone interested here are a few details about the upcoming month.

So our Atlantic crossing team are full timers Clare, James, Cliggy, Jon and
Nick. Half timers (UK to Antarctica) Jim, Zoe, Andy Kitching and Andy Royse.
Most of the way downers Andrea, Chris and Jess and our celebrity guests for
this month are Heather and Norman Seddon (engineer Jon’s parents). We all
work in a watch system of four hours on watch and 8 hours rest. We have a
cooking rota that means that everybody cooks once every ~6 days and we have
a quiz on Sunday nights.

Across the Atlantic the most important things will be to conserve water and
diesel. This means turning off all unnecessary light etc to save electricity
(as our electricity comes from our diesel generator/engine) and turning off
all the electric water pumps so that people have to pump the water our by
hand and therefore use less. We have a couple of hours of power each day
where we run the generator so that we can run the watermaker (to turn sea
water into fresh water), charge our batteries (and laptops) and run the
electric oven if it’s needed for dinner.

One thing we are not sure about is how likely it is that we will meet sharks
and if we can go swimming? Answers to the blog if anyone knows?

Off we go!


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1 Response to Away we go!

  1. Gemma says:

    Loving the year in a 25 days idea! Delighted to see jambalaya made it onto the menu! Wrote something earlier about sharks but mustn’t have hit go.

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