Reefing and Quizzing

Good day everyone,

Our current position is 23 Degrees 09.978′ N 19 Degrees 00.179′ W, so close to the Tropic of Cancer, we are nearly there!

We are sailing downwind with our goosewings out  (jib out on the port side and the main sail out on starboard) heading towards the Cape Verdes. The weather over the past 24 hours has been pretty good, we have had an average of force 4 winds and we have been travelling at a rough speed of 7-8 knots.  The wind picked up a lot in the early hours of this morning, force 6’s and 7’s have been recorded in the log between 2am-7am which meant that a couple of reefs were put in the main sail to help steady Elinca (a reef means that we fold down a section of the main sail to make it shorter).

On our competition front, Jon’s watch is currently ahead with a top speed of 15 knots and a mileage of 37 miles which they did last night.

The deep swells that we have been crossing meant a difficult night of sleep for the crew, my neck definitely ached this morning, and my watch team is currently a bit zombie-like! Clare did a mega-graveyard shift last night to help with the reefing and then to cover her own watch, so she caught a much-earned 40-winks under the spray hood when the wind had quietened down.

On a more humorous note, my cabin buddies left the cabins hatch open last night which meant that I jumped out of my skin when a wave entered my cabin when I was sleeping!

On the social side of sailing, we had our weekly Mucky Duck pub quiz last night which saw James and Cliggy quizmaster rounds on nature, pot luck and religion. See how you fare in the nature round:

1. (2 points) What kind of dolphins did we see since leaving the canaries?

A) Short-beaked dolphins
B) Atlantic Spotted dolphins
C) Bottlenose dolphins
D) Risso’s dolphins

2. How many birds have settled on Elinca since leaving Falmouth?

3. (2 points) Name 2 sharks we may find in the middle of the atlantic ocean.

4. (2 points) How many flies are currently stuck to our fly paper? and for a bonus point, how many flies have we caught per hour?

5. (2 points) If I was a 33m pale greyish-blue whale, what would I be, and how high would I blow?

6. What is the largest wingspan of the largest albatross species – the wandering albatross?

7. How many penguin species can be found in Antarctica (not including sub-antarctic islands)?

8. (2 points) How far might a wandering albatross travel in 17 days? and for a bonus point, what is a happy cruising speed for a wandering albatross?

9. How many flowering plant species can be found in Antarctica?

The winners of this weeks quiz was Jon’s watch, which include his parents, Norman and Heather along with Andrea and Andy K. So congrats to them!

Our current date on our Atlantic calendar is the 25th January, which means is currently Burns night, wooo! But unfortunately i don’t think the watch have time to fit in a cheeky ceilidh as we are about to gybe…. which also means i must go and get back to sailing.

Bye guys!


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5 Responses to Reefing and Quizzing

  1. Anne Crawford says:

    Hi Jess and all you sleep deprived crew. Good to hear from you. Here are my attempts at the answers this week.

    1. Risso’s dolphins then Atlantic Spotted dolphins

    2.About 5

    3.Great White Shark, Blue Shark

    4. 72 and 100 per hour. Guess you changed the fly paper about 3/4 of an hour ago

    5. Blue whale. Spouts up to 12 metres (39 feet) but typically 9 metres (30feet)

    6.Up to 3.5 meters tip to tip.

    7. 4 species. Adelie, Chinstrap, Emperor and Gentoo

    8. 8,500 km. ranges from 30 – 55 mph.

    9. 2 species, Antarctic hair grass and Antartic Pearlwort.

    Well, I am learning sooooo much. Love to all and hope no more waves wake you in the middle of the night !

  2. Seasick Jonny says:

    Hya guys! Glad to hear the sailing has got a little more exciting and that Jon’s watch is still dominating the quiz and speed records… I have made a little vid of you leaving Las Palmas it can be found by clicking the following link
    If you want a copy I can email one out, just inbox me with the media teams details! Good luck and have fun!

    • Zoe says:

      Amazing – thanks Jonny. Hope you’ve enjoyed a seasick free month! We made it across the Atlantic and miss you onboard.

  3. Alan Pearson says:

    Good to see Andrea applying her work mentality to sailing – achieving high plant rates (15 knots) but at the expense of EHSS incidents (leaving a cabin hatch open)!

  4. Stevie G says:

    Nice to know you are feeling a pain in the neck rather than being one for a change!……
    The thought of a group of zombies wandering round the boat is really amusing too – Yawn of the Dead.
    Anyway I will have a go at t’quiz:

    1. Live ones
    2. None – they were all just passing thru
    3. Fred and Horace
    4. 25 Bonus Point – Depends if you have your mouth open but say 11
    5. Too big for your pyjamas. Seriously though, you would be a 33m pale greyish-blue whale and you could blow as high as you like because no-one is going to stop you.
    6. 3.7m (verified) 5.3m (unverified – but its just landed in our back garden)
    7. Mint, orange and original chocolate flavour (yes, I know you could see that coming!)
    8. What is it about Wandering Albatrosses?? Depends whether it is shot by a cross bow (literary joke, well a literary reference at least) and whether it is November. In both cases it would be zero miles as it would either be dead or breeding… Bonus point defeats me as I have never seen an Albatross driving a car, nor for that matter an Albatross that looked happy..
    9. Two – Deschampsia antarctica and Colobanthus quitensis

    Hope trip continues well!

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