Update Wednesday 16/10/13

Hi Folks, Update below, sounds like they are having a swell time, enjoying the weather, by the sounds of the report Jon has earned himself another tee-shirt.
Blog: Things that go bump in the night

Yesterday began with a mystery noise. I hate mystery noises. This one
manifested itself as a sort of ‘clunk’ noise heard most easily whilst on the
starboard loo. Worryingly it seemed to be coming from the direction of the
chain plates (where the shrouds are joined to the deck) ((shrouds are the
wires that hold the mast up)). Don’t worry though, mystery noises can be
very hard to locate and after taking apart poor Andy Royse’s cabin and
inspecting all the welds (which were fine) we started following the wires
upwards. I (Clare) volunteered to climb the mast which turned out to be
quite an exciting job with the boat pitching and rolling away. It took
several additional lines to stop me swinging round and round the shrouds as
James, Jon and Andy winched away below. Luckily the problem was at the first
set of spreaders so I never got right to the top (where the roll would have
been something really special!). The noise was the first set of spreaders
moving up and down over the shrouds. Usually there are bulldog clips to stop
this happening but in the rush to get the boat ready to leave the clips had
been left off.  Another job for the Cape Verdes. Yesterdays medals of honour
go to Jon and Andy for the two hours they spent putting the cabin we had
taken apart in a rush back together again… the cabins most closely
resemble sauna’s at the moment and two men in the same bunk screwing planks
back on made a sweaty mess that no-one else wanted to be part of.

This morning began quite differently. With fish. Seven flying fish landed on
the deck last night and we found them lying sad and stiff this morning. So
we collected them up in a bucket this morning and played with their wings.
We are considering cooking the three biggest ones for lunch. It feels a bit
like eating road kill but would be a real shame to waste them.

It has been a busy week in the Atlantic calendar, with chinese new year,
pancake day, Andrea’s birthday and valentines day. We enjoyed pancakes for
lunch courtesy of Jim and Nick (the Badass Baker), chocolate brownies in the
evening, and there were a few sneaky valentines passed around. I (Colette)
asked Jess to be my valentine, but that seems to have bought me nothing but
trouble as she now expects me to cook her food, bring her tea and massage
her shoulders. I won’t commit so quickly next time!

This morning me and Clare were reminiscing about our trip to Antarctica in
2009 on board the Anne Margaretha. It was following that trip that the plans
for the current Elinca tour hatched. We want to say hello to Heinz and
Greet, the boat owners, who gave us lots of advice for our own voyage, and
our friends Anne and Roos (and Allert) in Holland with their little ones.

Clare and Colette

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