Friday Update

Hi Folks, turns out the answer to previous post was A they were busy.

Andrea has been on e-mail and sent the following report, so looks like they should be on their way shortly, keep an eye on the tracker.

A very quick update for the blog: We have spent the last 24 hours enjoying the sunshine and crystal clear blue waters of Mindelo. The town is a fascinating contrast of Portuguese colonial buildings, African music and mountains that looked a lot like the Isle of Skye when we were entering. The water is a stunning colour in the marina; unfortunately we haven’t had enough time to get to a nice beach, they are on the other side of the island, but a group of us did jump off the boat at sunset last night (before we realised we weren’t supposed to in the marina!). Top up food shopping this morning was mainly in the fascinating (and cheap) local fruit and veg market. We sourced red and green bananas, mooli (suggestions welcome for what to do with it?) and papayas amongst others. The race will be on to try and keep it all fresh and mould free for the next 2-3 weeks. Last night we had a boat meal in a local restaurant with many of us tasting the local fish groupa, which was delicious. We will be leaving here all too soon today as we still have many miles to go before Rio. Some rigging repairs and final food storage (freezer is full to the brim!) are almost complete, we have just to spend the last of our Cape Verde escudos on soft drinks and crisps.


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1 Response to Friday Update

  1. barbara matthewman says:

    Re Mooli. If I remember correctly it is a bit like a large and long white radish. You could slice it thinly and salt it. Leave it until it goes limp and then eat it accompanied by a chilled beer.

    Cliggy’s Mum

    P.S. Hope Cliggy got a chance at the computer and checked her emails. Have been following blogs daily, even from Austria. Wishing you all a following wind to get you safely to Rio.

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