Rio Bound

Good evening all, have just checked the tracker and also the AIS and Elinca is well on her way doing over 8 knots.

Got a short mail from James about an hour ago and text is below

“Hello, we’re on the way!  Heading south for Rio, planning on following the
25 degree West line until some time after the doldrums.”

This will be their longest crossing to date, so please keep your comments and best wishes coming, we will forward them on to them. All the crew look forward to hearing from home, family and friends.

Cheers, Jim and Carolyn

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4 Responses to Rio Bound

  1. Joan Atherton says:

    Still following you all on your journey…keep enjoying and hope you have a diary jess to tell us all about the trip when you come home Jess From Joanx

  2. Gemma says:

    Thanks Jim and Carolyn. Now for the crew..

    Yay that’s great you guys are making good time and were able to stop off at the Cape Verdes..sound like an interesting place.. Its wet and grey here so think I’d rather be in your shoes. So did you pause the calendar when you stopped? You must be past March now – hope you wore something green on St Patrick’s day.

    Clare/Cliggy/James – I had my exam on Thursday. Wasn’t as horrendous as I had imagined. I was asked some questions I had thought about before but got some tricky ones too so these things can go either way and I won’t know until mid December. I gave it my best shot anyhow. Now I can get my life back and start getting excited about my trip and the big move. I’ve a lot to sort out over the coming weeks but its all fun stuff.

    Fair winds,
    Gemma x

  3. Stephen Kitching says:

    Thankful you r leaving West Africa behind view current threats of piracy nearer the coast. So hope you u keep westwards of 25 degrees Long and that the Doldrums are misbehaving and will provide wind.

    Good sailing


  4. Jacqueline says:

    Thinking you of you Colette! ❤ Jackie

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