Saturday Update

Hi Folks,

Blog update

At 0955 UT we’re in position 15’31N 25’05W and heading due south.  Boat
seems well, weather is hothothot and we really should have hired a boat with
Yesterday all our crew were heroes – some went shopping in the stunning
local markets on Sao Vicente and spent so little money on fresh fruit and
veg they had to go back again and again to spend our leftover Escudos, Chris
and Andy fabricated some beautiful brackets on the pontoon for Jon to fit up
the mast (thanks for the vice Bill, you were right!) the boat was cleaned,
mould fought, veg cleaned and then we were off.
The Cape Verdes are amazing – very little rain ever falls and yet they grow
magnificent fruit and veg, have markets full of fish, and a really young
people (50% under 25) so a really busy, vibrant feel.  We were in a very non
tourist area and yet everyone felt safe and welcomed, with most people
speaking awesome English as well as their local Creole and Portuguese.
Right now it’s 9am boat time, its 28 degrees outside and there’s not a cloud
in the sky.  We just hoisted the cruising chute and so in around 5 knots of
breeze we’re sailing along at 7 knots, we’ve got fresh coffee and bread for
breakfast, and later we might call all hands to swim.  Lovely 🙂


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4 Responses to Saturday Update

  1. Ann Ledson says:

    Hello, to all on board Elinca, especially Norm, Heather & Jon Seddon. Hope all’s going well. You look to be having an amazing time. Enjoy the rest of your trip and safe journey. Ann & Keith Ledson.

  2. Joyce Roddy says:

    Hi to The Seddon’s Enjoying following your trip it is awesome. Hope there was G&T for Heather in Cape Verde! The blog is fab look forward to it each day. We are in Lisbon for half term and it’s – raining but warmer rain than Liberpool. Luv to JNH x Joyce

  3. Susanne says:

    Hej Elinca-crew! It sounds really good what you experience and I wish you best winds for sailing and cooling ;-), amazing sunsets (I want to see the picture wall in the end), many fallingstars, dolphines, whales and great moments together. You are a really good team with so nice people and I wanted to thank you all (who where with me on the 2nd Leg). I had a fantastic time with you! Especially I wanted to say hi and thank you to Tom Ridgway, you are the first connection and person who made it possible for me to get in touch with this project. I wish you all the best and hope we travel some time together again. So dear Elinca-crew enjoy enjoy ejnoy – think of you, Susanne 🙂

  4. Anne Crawford says:

    Sounds idillic, sun, sea lots of fun but I know there is work to do too.

    The sun is shining here today too but only a mere 11 degrees. Jess, your mum, dad, Sarah and Will were here yesterday for a production on the streets of York. We had a great time and talked about you too. We booked ‘jamies’ for a meal, then Will had football so he missed out! Imagine what he said about that. He had to make do with a sarnie. So looking forward to seeing all the photos and hearing of the great adventure. Love to all and many thoughts.

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