Sunday 20th October


I think the easiest way to describe yesterday would be as a “mixed bag” and our included our first little taste of what crossing an ocean can throw at you. I woke up to the cruising chute and Elinca racing along at 10 knots on a beautiful beam reach, though it was not long before we had a double-reefed mainsail in 40+ knots of wind. This was followed but a few hours later with the night watches tweaking the sails in less than 10 knots of breeze trying to keep the boat moving. As I right this, there is now no wind at all.

It will be no surprise to regular readers that Elinca’s crew are never ones to miss an opportunity. Yesterday afternoon’s squall was the first rain we’d seen in weeks, and once the sails were safely stowed, out came the shower gel and shampoo for a fresh water shower. Similarly, this morning in the light wind and calm seas, a gentle reminder of lazy Sunday mornings is served, with scrambled eggs on toast, fruit juices and a long awaited return of the cafetiere for fresh coffee!

We continue to make decent progress along the 25 degrees line of longitude as we head south towards the equator just under a 1000 miles in front of us before turning to the south-east and heading for Rio! One of my main goals for this trip is to learn more about astro-navigation (using the stars and the moon to work out where you are) I think I need to hurry up with my Northern hemisphere constellations before having to learn them all afresh once we “cross the line” in approximately 6 days time.

Hello from me to all at home.


(slowly melting in the tropical heat)

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