Wednesday 23rd October

Our current position is 5 30’N 25 02’W and our intentions are to continue due south.

leatherbackAfter the excitement of the whales yesterday morning we were all keeping a
close eye out for other wildlife as the flat calm sea made spotting things
easier. We weren’t disappointed as only an hour or so later we saw a huge
leatherback turtle relaxing in the morning sunshine. They are huge creatures
(the largest turtles on earth) and this one was so interested in us he came
right up to the stopped boat, popped his head up to have a look and then
dived beneath us, ensuring some great video footage and photos (to follow as
soon as we reach land).

Another hot day followed, with deck sunbathing and yummy pancakes for lunch
the highlights. Just as dusk approached a couple of squalls were visible on
the horizon in the distance, so we battened down the hatches and prepared
for wind and rain. Only the rain came, but it was a welcome cooling down and
some of the crew enjoyed a shower in the cockpit again. Overnight was a
similar story of squall spotting on the radar screen, trying to avoid the
worst of them and failing (ships log says 0530: altered course to 240
degrees to avoid squall, 05.40: hit squall anyway), but the whole boat was
cooler leading to a better night’s sleep for many. The morning watch were
woken by the previous watch in oilskins the rain had got that heavy! We are
praying for wind today and yearn for the silence of sailing, fingers


Clare here with an extra to the blog today. Prompted by questions from our
home contact we decided to have a cabin inspection to let those at home know
who’s responsible for the musty smell… corporal Jess took command and all
crew were asked to stand by their beds. Unfortunately Jess’ judgement of
the situation was deemed to be biased and so the whole thing had to be
repeated. This time with Chris as an independent witness. After nearly an
hour of entertaining debate here are the results:

Sniff test: 10 = smelly, 0 = fresh as a daisy

Aft Port: Clare and James.
Sniff test: 6/10
General tidiness: bombsite
Comments: overloading of boxes, belongings blocking cabin entrance, James
refused to evacuate cabin for full inspection. Could have been worse if
other stuff had not been distributed around the boat.

Aft Starboard: Cliggy and Jon
Sniff test: 4/10
General tidiness: well ventilated
Comments: pants left out (Jon says they are clean), bikini and wet towel
stored in cabin. Cliggy was present for the inspection but was polite and

Forward port: Heather and Norman
Sniff test: 3/10 (well done guys)
General tidiness: very tidy
Comments: beds are made, boots by bed, points lost for lifejackets not on hooks and
oil skins not in the wet locker.

Forward Starboard: Nick and Andy
Sniff test: 5/10
General tidiness: could do better
Comments: points lost for trying to hide belongings under their lee cloths
and asking for a re-inspection. Incidentally this inspection revealed that
Nick keeps a spare pair of underpants on his life jacket peg… just in

Middle Port: Zoe, Jess and Andrea
Sniff test: 5/10
General tidiness: effort made
Comments: good selection of snacks provided. Should be sealed as not to
attract flies.

Middle Starboard: Andy, Chris and Jim
Sniff test: 5/10
General tidiness: Fair
Comments: good use of fan for moving warm air around cabin. Too many shoes
on the floor… probably because shoes are no longer on feet

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5 Responses to Wednesday 23rd October

  1. Tom says:

    Howdy guys,
    glad to hear the change in weather was a welcome relief, although Jess, you may as well get used to the heat as there are currently massive bushfires burning in Aus and its only mid-spring!
    I’m sure you are all enjoying seeing the loads of wildlife too, certainly jealous on that front at the moment.

    Jess, just a few updates on a few things going on back home and to give you something to read:
    I’m working on Library Bar for Halloween night, and as a bar we have decided to go as the characters from Scooby Doo and deck the bar out to look like the Mystery Machine. And due to my current scruffy look with a beard and longer hair I was deemed to be the perfect fit to dress up as Shaggy so that’ll be an interesting night.
    Kylie finally got into contact with me about all things Garden related, and congratulations you’re hired! She even wants to meet you in mid-January when she arrives in Adelaide. There is also a possibility that I may be made a supervisor this year after a brief little chat with her.
    As mentioned when we last spoke, I’m off to Newcastle to see Tanja and Dave from Sunday to Wednesday so that’ll be a nice break away from Edinburgh.
    Finally, apparently the minimum wage has been lifted in the UK from 6.19 to 6.31 so all those hours I’ve been working now have some decent incentive.

    Hope all is well with everyone onboard Elinca and keep those blogs coming!

    Cheers, Tom.

  2. Margaret Scott ( James' old aunty) says:

    Ha ha so funny. James and Clare – shame on you – sending you some Febreze x

  3. Jane Thorpe says:

    Yes, but did you look under the mattresses?

  4. Ann Ledson says:

    Well done Heather & Norm, would not have expected anything less!! Ann & Keith

  5. Paula Higson says:

    Hi Adventure2013

    We are delighted to hear Nick is prepared for all eventualities!

    We are keen to know the scale points – we think they might be

    Bombsite – could do better – effort made – fair – well ventilated – very tidy

    This is important for monitoring future performance ………..

    On the topic of cabin fever – if cabin fever is demonstrated by running starkers round the boat, jumping in for a swim then making choc brownies / pancakes while singing loudly then there will be only one person ……

    We love reading the blog. Tell Nick that Don and Charlie say “We were so excited to hear about Nick and his adventures ….. What a fab trip, with all the modern communication you feel as if you are with him every step of the way, without all that salt spray!” They send much love to “the intrepid Higlett”.

    Best wishes to all the crew and looking forward to lots of pics.


    Paula Higson

    Paula Higson Associates Ltd

    Mob no: 07809 440028

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