Thursday 24th Oct

Position update 3 20.0 N 26 01.9 W

Blog post below from Norman and Heather. It’s a wee bit windy today so it’s a short one. Had some crazy little Atlantic squalls though the night. Everyone fine but not feeling their most creative 🙂


Hello Bloggers,

What a difference a day makes. This time yesterday everyone was complaining about the heat, Elinca was festooned with homemade sunshades with bronzed crew members relaxing underneath. However after dinner- a wonderful chicken curry made me Clare, Andy, Jess and Norman- the weather turned. Squalls started coming through regularly,the wind picked up along with torrential rain. Oilskins made their first appearance since the crossing of Biscay. A novel experience for most of the crew, wet, windy, but still really warm! Sails were soon shortened, the engine was switched off after 4 days continuous running. This weather continued throughout the night. With all the hatches battened down, conditions below deck were pretty sticky! As i speak, we are storming along at a steady 10 knots, the waves are regularly breaking over the chart table windows. But we are making steady progress towards Rio.

On a personal note- We are Jon’s parents. This is our  first serious sailing experience. We are having a great time, we have learnt lots of knew stuff and seen some wonderful wildlife. Best wishes to all at home,

Norman and Heather

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4 Responses to Thursday 24th Oct

  1. Joyce Roddy says:

    Great to read your blog Norman & Heather seems like you are having a ‘whale’ of a time can’t wait to see all the photos. Still in Lisbon enjoying excellent food and wine, very, very wet nearly but not quite as wet as you. Watching your position as you near the equator so waiting to hear what happens. Love to you and Jon x Joyce(Normans sister)

  2. Jim Boyce says:

    Hi all. Great blog from Norman and Heather, was nice to meet you both at the party in Falmouth. I can totally agree with where you are coming from re the first serious sailing outing. Mine was on the first leg from Falmouth to Lisbon. Would not have missed a minute of it, great company, some good sailing and lots of bad weather, but hey ho thats what it is all about. Hope you all enjoy the remainder of your crossing. Not far from the equator now, look forward to reading about the celebrations when you cross the line. Hope Jim C has been reading up on his new constellations.
    All the best to all, Jim Boyce

  3. Ann Ledson says:

    Ahoy there Heather & Norman. Great to read the blogs everyday to see what you’ve been up to. You look to be having an amazing time. What an experience!! I bit different from all the “practice runs” in the Greek Islands!!! Ha ha! (I tried to post this yesterday but don’t know what happened) Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home and seeing your photos. Hello to Jon and all aboard Elinca. Love Ann & Keith

  4. Nick Lindesay says:

    Hi Norman and Heather,
    Great to hear your news; sounds like an amazing adventure. Wish I was on board… The furthest I ever got as a navigation cadet was the Med! The news about the crossing of the equator reminded me of my grandfather’s tales and photographs of King Neptune when he sailed his ships south in the 20’s and 30’s. Storms here ; probably a bit like the squalls you have been having – everyone is battening down the hatches in the South of England. Foot a lot better …. But haven’t run yet… Cycled to Arrowe Park on Saturday and saw Kirsty run ; she was going well- the weather was benign and the park was bathed in Autumn sunshine.

    Regards and good sailing on to Rio,


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