Friday 25th October

Position: 0o 54.3N 27o17.8W

Intentions: to cross the equator 😀

Hi all Chris here,


We are now just under 1 degree of latitude (60 Nautical miles) north of the Equator and making steady progress towards Rio, still over 1700 miles to go. We are already reading all the guide books for Rio and making plans for when we get there. The weather has calmed alittle during the day yesterday with no more squalls coming through.

The crew are all excited about crossing the Equator and the ceremonies that take place upon crossing, although we are not quite sure what lies in store for us yet. Everyone has been filling in crime forms to report the misdemeanours of their fellow crew mates for our King Neptune, the God of the Seas to punish them. Neptune will played by our bosun Jon as the only person on board that has already crossed the Equator. The punishments are likely to be foul tasting and smelly. Any suggestions of crew crimes from people back home are welcome, answers in the blog comments please.

I have been on board since the Canary Islands and have done over 2000 miles already on board Elinca with another leg down to Ushuaia to go. So far I have been loving every minute of it apart from tying to sleep in a cabin that feels more like a sauna! I would like to say hi to everyoneback at home.


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3 Responses to Friday 25th October

  1. Alan Pearson says:

    Ahoy mateys,

    Any long range guess of when you’ll arrive in Rio? Just so I don’t end up paying for a bed that Andrea doesn’t use…


  2. Gemma says:

    Woo hoo, congrats on the special landmark..or watermark!

    In terms of punishments maybe no baby wipes allowed for 24 hours? Or is that more like group punishment?

    Lashing here today. Tell Clare I saw some fabulous autumn colours in the Lake district yesterday (I’ve been off all week) and got my b2 boots and a very fetching purple thermal onesie.

  3. Gail Seedhouse says:

    Looking good and hope you have now crossed the line, what were the celebrations? Loving all the blogs and glad Andrea kept up her average room state!! What were the snacks surely no chocolate buttons have lasted this long!! Andrea your cousin loved birthday pressie and it is with her on flight to New York as I type. Wishing you all a happy sail.

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