Sunday 27th October

Our current posistion at 1150 UTC is 3 57 south 29 19 west.
We are continuing to make good speed towards Rio. I’m currently watching the chart plotter and its giving us an ETA of the 3rd/4th nov, it had been 5th or even 6th. I’m hoping this pace keeps up for extra days in Rio 🙂

Hope you are all doing well



Hi everyone,

Now I am sure that you all want to know what King Neptune did to all of Elinca’s Pollywogs, don’t you? Well I am here to give you a commentary on the ceremony’s events.
In the run up to the ceremony, Cliggy was putting last minute touches to the Doctor’s overalls, Jess was doing James ‘Jemima’ Boyce’s make up and Jon was giggling away in his cabin as he was editing the crime forms. The crew then had their final meal before court.

Clare then summoned the Pollywogs to the cockpit and then introduced Neptune’s court as they paraded up to the deck. First up was Jim, the Policeman, armed with a truncheon made out of baking paper. He was shortly followed by Andy the solicitor, trying to keep together the case files in the wind. Doctor Cliggy then stepped out in her very clean overall and cotton mask, clutching her homemade medicine. Then finally the happy couple- Neptune Jon and the Queen James-‘Jemima’- made their way onto the deck posing for the audience whist clutching a plate of kippers. The Pollywogs were quick to get down on their knees to start praising Neptune in hope that it would reduce their punishment.

Neptune quickly started the ceremony, keen to start punishing the Pollywogs. Andy the solicitor summoned up a Pollywog who would once again fall to their knees in front of Neptune and sing him praise. Andy would then read out all the crimes that the crew have accused them of, and the jury would then find them guilty (obviously, no one was ever innocent!). Neptune would then decide on the level of punishment, and then the mess would commence!

The Pollywog would have to kiss the kippers, drink the prescribed amount of medicine from Doctor Cliggy and then have the slops (remnants form previous days meals and anything gross enough to make the cut) poured over their heads. The crowd cheered and shrieked with excitement as they watched their fellow crewmates go through their punishments. I think I can speak on behalf of the rest of the crew when I say that I secretly loved going through the punishment – it was like a massive food fight and we could get dirty, and it also meant only one thing afterwards- a fresh water shower!

To give you an insight into the crimes that were committed, some of the crew are willing to share with you their crimes:

Lady Neptune James’ crime was for taking all his friends sailing and then reading a book on ‘How Boats Work!

Andy K’s crime was for having a fan in his cabin.

Jim’s top crimes were for making a pot of tea out of sea water and for his two hour monologue on watch.

Norman was punished for not having to clean a toilet for 40 years (until he came on Elinca!) and for showing up the youngsters with his strength (its very embarrassing, i tell you).

Andy Royse was called up for sailing in every direction except for Rio.

Chris’s top crime was for posing whilst he was asleep ( having his hands on his hips).

And finally, Jess was punished (unfairly 😛 ) for being more blonde than Zoe and for perverting the course of justice by reading everyone’s crimes before they were read out in court ( i wasn’t the only one to do it).

Once everyone was punished, we were all crowned as Shellbacks by Neptune and then covered in food bits, we proceeded to enjoy a massive salt water fight on deck and then clean up the very messy cockpit (there was so many potato peels to pick up from the slops!)

It was a brilliant ceremony which was enjoyed by all. Thank you Neptune for being kind and just to us all, and we cant wait for our certificates proving that we crossed the Equator!

Cheers, Jess.

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8 Responses to Sunday 27th October

  1. Barbara matthewman says:

    Message for Cliggy:
    Have you sorted anything out with Katrin about coming to Buenos Aires for New Year? Sarah is trying to book accommodation and we need to know for how many.
    By the way, how did you manage to escape King Neptune’s punishments?

  2. Sheila says:

    Pleased I was not the one to clean up. Give Andrea our love. and all of you keep enjoying your wonderful trip. Weather here is very wet and we have the promise of a very wild and windy night.
    to come

  3. Stevie G says:

    After that blog I am really becoming very worried about Jess! What are you all drinking/eating?
    Glad to learn the only thing being perverted is Justice ( a hopeless case anyway).
    Hope you continue to enjoy yourselves as much as you clearly are!

  4. Joyce &Bernie says:

    Only 40 years Norman, what about the other 25?
    Sounds like good fun was had by all. Went to the Revolution last night in Manchester – brill!
    Not far to go now Heather for that well earned G&T.

  5. Anne Crawford says:

    So funny, glad you all enjoyed it and thanks for the brilliant detailed description Jess.

  6. Rory King says:

    If you’re on the night shift tonight and see a plane going northbound at about 3am Brazil time, give me a wave, we’re heading back to the UK from Sao Paulo.
    Hope the sailing’s going well and enjoy the rest of it.

  7. Ann Ledson says:

    Sounds like you all had a great time. Cold wet & windy here, you’re not missing anything!! Enjoy the rest of your trip and yes, Heather & Norman that G & T is beckoning!!!

  8. Neptune what have you done, to the crew!!

    Think you need a well earned rest in Rio.

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