Leg 2 video is finally here……

So i’ve been waiting with bated breath for the last 10 days, waiting for a memory stick to arrive from Elinca which they posted in the Cape Verdes.

Finally….it’s arrived!!!

So today i give you, Leg 2-the video!

Stay tuned over the next few days for a handful of photo’s and a video showing all the preparations the crew made before setting off across the atlantic!

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3 Responses to Leg 2 video is finally here……

  1. Suzanne Boyce says:

    Great video! Love the safety brief james! Keep up the fun times and the videos to show us! Love the haircut james..think clare done a good job! Liam will love seeing the dolphins! Suzanne xx

    • For Suzanne, it’s almost time for the hair to be done again. And i had a shave yesterday, been awhile since i’d done that! Liam will love some (very short) clips that we managed to get with the camera underwater with some dolphins! I hope grannie had an amazing holiday causing trouble in the north! James

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks, guys! Really enjoyed the video. Been booking hostel for Ushuaia and test packing my kit. Got really excited to see life on-board. It’s starting to get cold here in the UK, so getting prepared for a bbrrrrrilliant time on Elinca. Happy times to you all as you go down the Brazilian coast!

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