31st October 2013 (whew!) – Brioche for breakfast

Our position at 1000 UTC 14.44.5S 34.47.9W
Still heading south west, roughly parallel with the Brazilian coast, making good progress towards Rio.

Jim here again with my thoughts on life aboard…

For the majority of the last 24 hours, Elinca has made good pace towards Rio, and we are currently roughly 200 miles off the Brazilian coast, about level with the city of Salvador. I know some of my old work colleagues are heading to Salvador for the World Cup next year. As a small heads up, it’s hot!!!

Sailing wise, the cruising chute went up early yesterday morning – we weren’t in too much of rush after Andrea had made brioche for breakfast (yum yum yum!). The chute then came down and back up again three times during the day, depending on wind strength and squall potential. (As it is cut from a lighter cloth, we can’t carry it in more than ~15 knots of wind.)
Our repeated hoists and drops gave us enough practice that we were happy to fly it through last night which has aided our southbound progress.
oct 31
At first light this morning however, we noticed a small nick in the sail which is being sewn up as I write this. Hopefully it will be in good working order before lunch.

It is almost 2 weeks since we left the Cape Verde Islands, easily the longest stretch at sea that this crew has done. Being at sea for this amount of time, with 14 people living in a tin box, one of the major challenges is keeping clean. It goes without saying that you wash your hands after visting the toilet and before cooking, but without an unlimited supply of water we have alcohol gels too help us wash.
We also have an established cleaning rota, to disinfect the heads and the galley daily, and to scrub the deck – especially important as we eat all our meals in the cockpit.

It’s a strange reversal from home to clean the kitchen and toilets everyday and yourself weekly (at best). So far so good – touching wood, fingers crossed – none of us have got food poisoning, so we must be doing something right.

On a personal level, without a shower or a bath, baby wipes have a lot to answer for, as does as much cabin ventillation as we can make possible. All of the hatches are clearly marked “Do not open at sea”.  Whoever wrote that has evidently never sailed in the tropics.



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3 Responses to 31st October 2013 (whew!) – Brioche for breakfast

  1. Stevie G says:

    Not far now! In light of comments about washing and keeping clean I hope you are upwind when you come into Rio

  2. Jenn Lamb says:

    Hope you all shower before I arrive 🙂

  3. Abi Durrant says:

    I recently had my first sailign experience and 1 day at sea was tough, I don’t know how you guys are doign two weeks! Good luck and I hope you reach land soon. (and Nick, I’m still not converted to sailing)

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