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Speeding along towards Estrecho de La Maire.. a last blog post from Jess

We’re 60 miles north of the Estrecho de La Maire, and currently doing 10 knots on a beam reach (we’ll have to slow down or we’ll be too early for the tide).  Our plans are then to head up towards … Continue reading

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Southern Ocean wildlife, a few words from Jon

Hi, This morning at 07:00 boat time (UT-3) we’re in position 50 12’S 65 30’W, aming around 7.5 knots on a course of 180 degrees true. The wind’s force 4 from the southwest and it’s overcast with 8/8 of stratocumulus … Continue reading

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Audience Participation and 51° South

Hey all readers! Today is audience participation. What I would like you to do is make a nice cup of tea (or preferred beverage) and sit down on your comfy sofa. Relaxed? Excellent. Now I know that some of you … Continue reading

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Tales from the anchor watch……

Today’s blog has been contributed to by everyone who’s been on anchor watch overnight. Jon: We arrived into Puerto Deseado early on Tuesday morning. As the sun rose the coastline became apparent to us. It was mainly low grassy hills … Continue reading

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Anchored in Puerto Deseado, Argentina

We’ve just anchored in Puerto Deseado, Argentina. James and Clare are away visiting the prefectura at the moment but we are hoping to remain here overnight. We’ll write a proper blog update later. We had a great trip in with … Continue reading

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A beautiful morning, but where are the whales?

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day! (imagine my melodicvoice singing this on a clear, crisp and sunny morning) The wind blew through pretty quickly, and left us with nothing overnight. Wejust got the sails back up … Continue reading

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New photo’s on the Facebook page !!

Hello – I have downloaded photo’s the Clare sent me of their adventures in Rio. At the moment they are on the facebook page but I will put them on the blog as soon as I have worked out how!!

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