4 November 2013 – important update the latest Elinca quiz now available

The view was different this morning. There is still sea like there has been
for the past 21 days but then there is a thin layer of pearly mist, and
above that a dark line that is not sea or cloud… and then above that
towering mountains and RIO! We think we can see Jesus on the mountain (but
it could be a mobile phone mast). We are going to be in an hour and it’s
really hard to believe that we have just crossed the Atlantic ocean for the
first time. I know people are going to ask me ‘was it hard’ and i’m going to
say honestly ‘not really’. We’ve spend three weeks playing games, making
cakes, cooking some pretty top class meals. We’ve had a few squalls but no
storm (pretty grateful for this) and our watermaker has worked most of the
time. Most of the crew, apart from me are now a golden brown colour (I am
still white and proud to say not even sunburnt).

The hardest thing for me was the catering, I was determined to have good
food right up to the end and make sure we always had vegetables and fruit…
really difficult in this heat. I put corn beef hash as the last meal before
we were due to reach Rio, if it was up to me it would not have been on the
menu at all but some of our crew begged and I gave in. I kept moving it back
and back in the hope that we would arrive in Rio and never have to cook it.
But the pleading eyes were too much, seems that one thing that people had
been looking forward to was the opportunity to eat rubbish food they never
cooked at home. For this reason (and the 10% meat hot dogs we had yesterday
lunchtime) I think I failed in my challenge to provide a gourmet menu plan.
However despite enjoying the scrapings from the abattoir floor we have also
had some amazing stews, some refreshing bean salads, savoury pancakes, thai
currys, risottos, cottage pies lots of home baked cakes. Really looking
forward to some South American steak now!

In other news: The Mucky Duck hosted it’s weekly Sunday quiz night as usual
last night and this time there were three guest rounds.
1) The Atlantic
2) Things you may or may not have noticed around the boat
3) Safety on the loo

Lets see how you do

1) Which peoples (and who in particular) were the first to make a
trans-Atlantic crossing?
2) What year did Christopher Columbus make his first trans-Atlantic
crossing? On what boat? Where did he land?
3) True or False? Columbus was responsible for recognising America as a
4) Name 5 Atlantic currents?
5) What year and on what vessel did Charles Dawin sail to Tierra del Fuego?
6) In August 1941 Roosevelt and Churchill met upon the HMS Prince of Wales
to sign the Atlantic charter. What did this charter signify?
7) How many square miles is the Atlantic Ocean?
8) The Battle of Jutland was one of the major Atlantic naval battles in
history. Who won it?
9) The lifespan of the Atlantic Ocean from its birth to its predicted end is
a) 370 million years, b) 12 billion years, c) 800 million years.
10) How many James’ (if you put him head to toe) would it take to make our
Atlantic crossing from Canaries to Rio?

The things that you may or may not have noticed about Elinca round is pretty
hard to do at home… sample question ‘how many screws are there in the
ceiling in the port head?’ so i’ll leave that round off.

Likewise safety on the loo was about the SOLAS safety cards that are
displayed in the heads (they show you what signals to make in an emergency
to a potential rescuer). Everybody sees them, nobody reads them.  Possibly
no-one reads them because the heads in Elinca also have pictures of Jonny
Depp and Kirsten Dunst in but this is really no excuse.

Clare (lst mate)

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1 Response to 4 November 2013 – important update the latest Elinca quiz now available

  1. Joyce Roddy says:

    Congratulations to all of you what a great journey you have had. Enjoy the sights, food and drink in Rio. Looking forward to hearing all about it from Norm and Heather when you get home. Bon voyage Jon for the rest of the trip. Joycex

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