In Rio

Well we haven’t had their email or blog yet, but if you look at the tracker or AIS then you can see they are in Rio! I am about to go underground (Jubilee Line) and so more later. 



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5 Responses to In Rio

  1. John Theakston says:

    Well done everyone – fantastic …. and really enjoying the blog.
    Copacabana here you come!

    John T

  2. Michael Lavelle says:

    Fantastic, landfall in the South Atlantic, my burning question for the crew is how long did the chocolate buttons last? If we were to know, then it would be easy to calculate “miles per button” or as I suspect “buttons per mile” and the consumption in “buttons per hour” wouldn’t be far behind. I suspect we could also calculate how many miles it would take to eat the weight of the boat in buttons! Have a good time on Copacabana! Say “hello” to the penguins for me….when you see one……….I guess there aren’t that many on Copacabana!


    • Zoe says:

      Hey Mike,

      We have indeed made it with some chocolate buttons to spare! They’ve been hidden away and rationed as we sailed across. I doubt we have enough to last us to Antarctica but by then we will be eating Penguins (of the chocolate variety of course!).

      I can’t believe we’ve sailed 5,000 miles to Rio and all the way across the Atlantic (with fully functioning toilets this time!). It has been pretty amazing to be part of it so far but I think the harder sailing is about to commence as we descend south towards the big ocean of the southern Atlantic. For now it’s time to keep our feet firmly on soil and enjoy the sights of Rio.

      Keep following the blog. We certainly enjoy hearing comments from the blog sent via the shore contact.


  3. Michael Lavelle says:

    Nice to hear from you! My end is fine thanks! (?) Am amazed that the chocolate buttons have lasted, your miles per button is going to look impressive, you’ll have to publish a book….. “Around The World in 8000 Buttons” (I’m guessing the weight of individual buttons but Jules Verne would be proud!).


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