First 24 hours in Rio

Bonfire night comes to Rio tonight a special thank you to Louise from Andy K for supplying the fireworks for us to try out tonight (indoor ones – don’t worry we’ve not been smuggling bombs across the Atlantic)… and here’s an opportunity for a shout out to all in Rotterdam from Andy K too.

Yesterday the crew kissed the ground and got changed into chinos and dresses for a visit to customs. Turns out we need not have bothered. So few yachts visit that customs is on the working side of the dockyard where the wind blows clouds of dust from the floor into the air. Liberally coated in suncream we were soon coated in dust. Nevertheless it was interesting to see the ‘not for tourists’ eyes side of Rio and the free ride on the dock workers shuttle bus between falling down warehouses was worth the two hours it took the immigration man to wake from his extended siesta. In total we visited the Federal Police, the Navy Port Captain and Immigrations. When you arrive by ferry or plane all this is done for you but when you arrive by private yachts you have to do it all yourself… and all of the offices are on different sides of town. After our six hour adventure we headed out for our first beer and almost everybody ordered a steak… that is one thing you just can’t cook on a boat.

We should have been out on the town last night but I’m sorry to report that we all went straight to bed exhausted… after a night cap.

Today was another working day on Elinca with jobs to do.

– All dinghies and outboards serviced

– Rig check

– Laundry

– Dailies and weeklies

We’ve got most of it done today and are looking forward to a week of exploring Rio. Our current itinerary is:

Wednesday: free day for laundry, coffee and postcards

Thursday: favela tour to see the other side of life in Rio (proceeds go to the community) and then celebrating Andy Kitching’s 30th Birthday.

Friday: Copacabana beach followed by the cable car up Sugarloaf mountain.

Saturday: preparing the boat for the next stage of the journey. Another huge shopping expedition!

Sunday: a tour of the rainforest with a local guide. The aim to find a blue parrot!

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1 Response to First 24 hours in Rio

  1. Michael Lavelle says:

    There’s a Blue Parrot in Portland Street, Manchester, bit trendy but serves reasonable beer and cocktails. You could have sailed up the ship canal and through a couple of locks….. are you sure you’re in the south atlantic? Am in Paris at the moment and its been raining for two days….the Metro certainly has a certain parisien perfume this time of year- which reminds me again of Manchester Ship Chanel!

    Have a good time.


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