Adventures in Rio de Janeiro


We’re continuing our stay in Rio de Janeiro. Tuesday was spent on boat maintenance and we got most of the jobs done and so now we’ve been able to spend some time relaxing and exploring Rio. We’re staying in Marina de Gloria, which is close to the centre of the city. The famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema are outside of the main bay with fresh Atlantic water to swim in, but the marina is close to Praia do Flamengo. You might not want to swim on this beach as the water inside the harbour doesn’t look very clean but there are beach volleyball courts and fitness clubs offering circuit training all along the beach. Several of us have been enjoying stretching our legs by going for runs along the beach. This has been wonderful after being cooped up in a 20 metre long boat for a month during the Atlantic crossing.

We’ve eaten out several times and the steaks and fresh vegetables are wonderful after our limited supplies on Elinca. We’ve discovered several new dishes. Most meals come with farofa, which is toasted manioc flour. It looks like sawdust and tastes a little like it too and so I don’t think that I’ll make it when I get back home.

The weather’s been quite damp for the last two days, which explains why there’s a rain forest just outside the city (we’re planning on visiting there on Sunday). So far people have visited the Botanical Gardens, restaurants around Copacabana and we had a quick look inside the Metropolitan Cathedral during a walk around the city centre. The weather has meant that we’ve not had great views of Sugarloaf Mountain or the statue of Christ the Redeemer apart from when we sailed into the harbour on Monday. The weather’s due to improve later in the week and so hopefully we’ll be able to see some great views when we visit them later in the week. It’s Andy K’s 30th birthday today and so after a favela tour we’re going to see some live music this evening.


Sugarloaf Mountain as we sailed into Rio de Janeiro harbour.


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  1. Looks wonderful, enjoy.

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