12th November: So long Rio, Mar de la Plata here we come!

Hi everyone,

I’m Gemma and I’m shore contact for the week and hopefully I don’t mess it up! Sounds like they had a great time in Rio and I reckon they have a fun week ahead of them in the sunshine.  As always, the crew love hearing from people back home so feel free to comment on the posts and I’ll pass on the message to the boat.

They are currently in position 24 14′ S 43 36′ W with the intention of running down parallel to the coast of Brazil.

Update from Cliggy:

So, we’re back at sea again. Rio vanished quickly into the distance with the sun setting behind it. When I woke up this morning, the view was of water all around us. We’re all looking a bit bleary eyed as we try to get back into the routines on board. I found it difficult to sleep last night because of the movement. My body has clearly got used to sleeping on a static bed. I expect it will take a couple of days to get used to it again.

Rio treated us well, and I for one loved it. You get different atmospheres in different parts of the city, with a lot of culture and a warm friendly atmosphere. There is Centro which is the busy business district full of large tower blocks and streets full of people rushing around. Then there is Lapa which has plenty of restaurants and bars and has a more relaxed bohemian feel to it. Santa Teresa is a residential area with small but pretty houses nestled on narrow cobbled streets winding up the steep hillside. Here there’s plenty of greenery and good views (and many houses have swimming pools). There is a very different culture up in the favelas.

As most of the families living in the favelas came originally from the north west, they have maintained an accent, music and habits that differ from the rest of Rio. I found the narrow alleys and winding roads of the favelas are lively and down to earth. Copacabana and Ipanema beach areas also both have a different feel, and at the weekends are bursting with more people than I have ever seen on a beach. Apparently the beaches at our next planned stop of Mar de la Plata can rival that. Let us see!

Best wishes to all back home,


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3 Responses to 12th November: So long Rio, Mar de la Plata here we come!

  1. Michael Lavelle says:

    So you will be sailing past the mouth of the River Plate, I thought I would join in witha few quiz questions…….. for the crew….

    What does “Rio de la Plata” actually mean?

    The main shopping street in Buenos Aires is named after a State of the USA, which one?

    Which four ships would you have come across at the mouth of the River Plate in September 1939?

    Keep you on your toes……..


    • Gemma says:

      I think you must have been reading my mind! I am going to try and get the people at home to set a round for the quiz on Sunday so lots more questions welcome.

      I’ve sent them your questions about and will let you know when they respond.


  2. Anne Crawford says:

    Happy sailing again, especially to Jess for your final leg. Have a wonderful time.

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