13th November: Things are looking a bit hairy…in more ways than one!

Good morning and again welcome back to the best show on the road (well  the sea at least).

It has all got exciting now that we have left Rio, the world had got a little more rocky, the land has got a little bit less and fashions have gone a little bit 80s.

To begin with we have lost some crew! Thankfully not over the side but instead to Rio. Andrea, Norman and Heather have all got off and we will miss them much. To replace them we have the excitable Jenn Lamb, the brilliant Alastair Baker and the barmy Joe Parker! Hope you are looking forward to their blogs.

But now a rare creature has been noticed aboard the ship. It is characterised by its long wings, distinctive noise and peculiar eating habits, have you guessed what it is yet? That’s correct it is the lesser spotted chunder dragon! Unfortunately for some of the crew the weather is warm, wet and rocky, and this has led to some poorly faces. Luckily for us though they are a hardy bunch so that hasn’t stopped them smiling and they hopefully will be back to full fighting form soon. Wish them well!

Now for something completely different…..

Movember is in full swing on the boat currently with some cracking facial hair all round. Jim, who you may have seen sporting a fierce beard, and Andy K have shaved and sculpted to perfection. They currently look like Mario and Luigi and have recently been caught racing each other around the boat, jumping on mushrooms and hunting for princesses in the plumbing. Andy (Roycey) Royce has also joined the party (reluctantly) and with 17 days to go has some serious potential to be the next Magnum P.I.. Not to feel left out some of the girls have also starting growing knee tashes. This entails not shaving a patch of hair on the knee in the shape of a moustache. it has been a slow start on this front so far but I am sure that by December there will some luxurious leg hair for us to all be jealous of.

Finally a quick word on the weather: The usual lovely sun is still shining but now it is joined by wind! In fact up to 30knots of the stuff and the it is coming from the SW which means that Elinca has got kind of bumpy. So much so that usual daily tasks have become considerably more difficult; brushing teeth, making dinner and sleeping. In fact I am currently writing the blog with my teeth clamped onto the chart table to stop me flying off.

That is pretty much it from me today

Keep well,


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7 Responses to 13th November: Things are looking a bit hairy…in more ways than one!

  1. Tessa says:

    I want to know abou boat time – when do you know when to change time zones and does dinner time stay the same? This was concerning me a lot until I found out rio is only 2hours ahead of uk! But surely you will pass thro more timelines although I can see the route is more longitude than latitude!!

  2. Tessa says:

    Behind uk time dammit!

  3. Pete Lamb says:

    Ah glad to see our little excitable pocket (Jenn) has arrived. Been following Elinca’s progress with great interest and a touch of jealousy we might add and we wish you all well and have enjoyed getting to know you. Sounds like the proper sailing is about to start now with a bit of wind as you journey south. Sounds to me like the answer to Tessa’s question is there are two dinner times………one when it goes down and the second when it comes up!! Hope the sea legs get going quick for the newbee’s. Just want to say hi Jenn and hope all is well and that you have settled in and we are all thinking of you. Love to you all Jenn’s Mum, dad and Bro. xx

  4. Pete Lamb says:

    That was supposed to be excitable pocket rocket dammit!!

  5. Michael Lavelle says:

    Next quiz………..i’m sure you will get bored of questions….

    1. Which country was named after a great South American patriot?
    2. Name either of the two South American countries that have no coastline?
    3. What name is given to the large, treeless plains south of the Amazon?
    4. What is the official language of Brazil?
    5. What is the capital of Equador? ( and it’s not “E” for you smarta$$es!)
    6. What strait separates Chile from Tierra Del Fuego?
    7. Which General overthrew Salvador Allende in 1973?
    8. With which sport is Maria Bueno associated?
    9. What was the wife of Juan Peron called? Maiden name extra point…..
    10. What was the name of the Argentine General who precipitated the Falklands war?

    Answers tomorrow……


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