14th November: Something for everyone today..hopefully :)

Hopefully the blog update below will encourage you all to comment and sent your wishes (and maybe some wind; although I doubt they need it soon enough!) to the crew. We know lots of people of following the blog and liking it on facebook but lets show them some love via your comments rather than likes ๐Ÿ™‚


Update is that we are motoring south west along the coast of Brazil waiting for the wind to fill in so that we can sail instead.

This morning we’re going for something different from the blog – everyone gets to say a wee something to the folk they know are reading but who don’t comment or post!

From James,
Hi to…
My brother Colin, who should get this message through his father in law Rob. Hi to all the family Rob, and i hope you’ve all battened down the hatches for winter, x
My best mate Michael, who i know is a technophobe so won’t be reading this, but i’m going to get our shore contct to sign him up.
To Janice and Gordon at Vinnies flowers who look after my grannies internet needs.ย  Hope youi’re both well, and tell her i’m missing her!
To my Uncle Brian.ย  Yes you wiped my arse all those years ago, not that it traumatised you much ๐Ÿ˜‰
And for Toddy.ย  I can’t put anything that innappropriate up on here but you know, we have a light that shines too brightly in the saloon too…
I hope i’ve not offended anyone by missing you out – you’ll have to get in touch and point it out!

From Clare
To a lady called Julia Bell who works with my dad and is helping him keep track of his daughter. Thankyou!
To any of the guides or brownies who are following our progress on the map on the guide hut wall.
To everyone who drinks in the DV on a friday night. I don’t know how many of you are still following the blog but Susi is keeping me up to date on some of the gossip from home.
To those in room G35 of the Williamson building, halloween party looked awesome.
To my Grandma and Gramp and any of the Romiley pensioners walking group.

From Cliggy
To Mum – the one person I’m sure reads the blog daily. Gemma who has recently discovered it, Paul and Dad who I hope look from time to time, and all other family members who might be reading. Love and hugs all round.
To the Denmark crew, I don’t know who’s following but hugs to Jackie and Dorte, hopefully nearing the end of thesis writing stress. Jackie, you’ll be home soon! Best wishes to Karen and Emil, Remy and Louise and Dagmara and Bartek. I hope baby bumps are all happy and healthy and thinking about checking out the world outside soon. The Ottar crew – hope you’re keeping busy and not feeling frustrated now the boat’s out of the water. Also to the Copenhagen lot, Mel, Chris, Frederikke and Torsten. Love you all.
Greetings to Katrin in Canada. See you soon. And Sarah and Pierre in Switzerland.
And last but not least, hugs to Pumpkin, Paige, Graeme and baby bump. I hope you’re all doing well.

From Zoe
Firstly, Mike thanks for the quiz questions which I have incorporated into a wider Argentinian-themed quiz. As it wasn’t a Sunday Elinca’s crew visited the Fox and Hound last night for their single quick fire round quiz instead. The teams are itching to know who has won overall and request the answers to the questions posed. Our attempts are set out below:
Q1: What does “Rio de la Plata” actually mean? A: A range of answers were given including where they invented the ‘plate’, river of the plate and a plateau river but I think I will go with ‘river of silver’.
Q2: The main shopping street in Buenos Aires is named after a state of the USA, which one? We think it is Florida.
Q3: Which four ships would you have come across at the mouth of the River Plate in September 1939? A: Ajax, Graf Spee, Exeter and Achilles – thanks to the crew members who have read ‘Atlantic’ by Simon Winchester on board!
Secondly, some shout outs:
To the youngest followers, Sam (4) and Amilia (5) – hopefully I will get to report some penguin sightings on this leg as we get closer to Ushuaia, towards the southern tip of Argentina. I will let you know what types I see so you can look them up. It has been very exciting so far, if a little bit too hot to sleep and difficult to make a cup of tea as the boat rolls around a lot! Keep following ๐Ÿ™‚
Mum, Dad and George – you guys are awesome and thanks for your support and patience. Plus, thanks for all the cameras – I hope the videos are up to scratch!
Work friends – congrats on progress with the project. Really good news. Thanks for the package of messages in Rio; I felt very loved! To clarify, Zingy is enjoying himself in the sunshine and hasn’t been sent overboard (yet). Miss you all and the giggles.
Friends – the uni farm girls (and guy), my homies, sailors and the London lot – lots of love to you all. I’ve got sort of a tan, I haven’t been seasick (yet), I had a go at samba dancing (thanks Ceroc!), my navigational skills are slowly improving and sorry for missing lots of birthdays. Keep following and I will try and pick up a penguin for you. Looking forward to sharing some G&Ts soon. xx

From Joe
Hello land-rats! Not sure how I managed to get sunburnt on my way to the Antarctic, but much better now. Drinking LOTS of water but no gin sadly. Am eating lots of beans as vegetarian, no-one’s complained about the methane so far. In fact we might be glad of the wind as there’s not much here at the moment.. Will be careful to have a steak in Argentina though so I don’t get found out.
And a special message to all you Mums and Specs out there – love you all lots, take care, sending warm (30-degree!) thoughts.
Salty rat x

From Jim Clarke
Hello to everyone (anyone) who is following the blog, this may in fact just be a message to my Mum.
The trip so far has been every bit as much I’d have hoped it to be. I must say it’s great to be away from London and working in particular, I will look forward to being home at some point early next year.
To those of you who are following the blog, who haven’t commented yet, please do so. It’s always nice to get messages and we do our best to reply. Especially as the wildlife gets more interesting, the weather colder – here and at home – and the calendar into the festive period, it would be great to hear from friends and family. If not, you can find me on facebook when we’re shoreside.
The following message is for those not following the blog: …
All the best,

From Nick
Cheeky message to my blog readers; Mum, Dad, Jess (and riverside automation), Abi (if you can find time to read this in between having too much fun in NZ), the Grandma’s and anyone else who may checking out our blogosphere but haven’t commented yet. I hope that you all are well you have been enjoying the blog so far. There is plenty more to come: colder weather, bigger seas, better wildlife and of course worse banter. It is always great to hear from you and if you have any suggestions of things I could be doing or recipes that you want tested in a gale then comment them on the post and I’ll tell you how they go. The trip so far has been awesome! Not quite sure that it has sunk in that I am half way around the world yet but the sun is shining and I can almost smell the penguin!
Love to you all (especially Grandma Lois look forward to hearing from you)

From Alastair Baker
Hello to everyone following the blog. Having been someone who has followed the blog avidly from the UK, before joining the crew in Rio, I know how important it is to the outside world.
I am now over my seasickness and able to come below, read a book and type and entry into the blog.
Most importantly I can say Happy Birthday to Vicky for tomorrow and hope that you have a great day.
Love to all my family and friends.

From Jenn Lamb
Hi all back home,
This will be my first blog after a week of being on board, or atleast I think its a week, time doesnt really seem to have a place on borad, Eat sleep sail repeat seems to be the agenda. Im sorry to say I dont think I can yet say missing you all already with it having been such a short time so far however im sure that will come in waves, probably in the middle of the night. However wish you were here for the sunsets and sunrises. Hope your all following avidly and ill be intouch again soon.
Love to all
Jenn x

From Chris Denyer
Hello to all friends and family back home and everyone at work.It’s hard to believe that I have been away for almost a month now, leaving the Canaries seems so long ago but the time has just flown past. I’m affraid I can’t say I’m missing anyone from back home yet but that just means I’m having a brilliant time onboard Elinca.
Hope everyone back home is well and good

From Andy Royse
Hello to Mum Dad and Elaine as I know you are reading, I’m not sure who else is reading the blog but a big hello to any friends, family and people at work who are following our adventures. It’s hard to believe thst I’ve been onboard for over a month now, the days really do blend together. I hope that you are all well and I look forward to making you all jealous when I see you in the new year.
Andy R

From Andrew Kitching
Hello from the not-so-high seas! Yet more sunshine here, such is the woe of life on board. I hope all is well back in Britain and Holland. Here is a hello, and a 30th birthday thank you, to Mum, Dad, Louise, Auntie Catherine, Auntie Inger, Auntie Elsa and Uncle Garry, Suzi Q, to all my friends in Rotterdam, Manchester and London, and of course those still sitting at desks at Maccreanor Lavington.
And for anyone thinking about it, I can attest to Rio being a pretty fabulous place to celebrate a 30th birthday.
Andy K

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15 Responses to 14th November: Something for everyone today..hopefully :)

  1. Anne Crawford says:

    Hi Jess, Where are you? Hope you’re still on board! We have a gorgeous, sunny November day today with a gentle breeze which I think you could be doing with for your sails. You are looking very tanned in the photos and look to be having a great time. We talk of you often. Had lunch with Tom, Will, Sarah and your mum and dad on Sunday and Will is coming for three/four course lunch this Sunday, steak and ale casserole. Ollie sends his meows to you..still up to lots of mischief . Really looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Lots of love to you and crew. X

  2. Barbara Segall says:

    Well I have been following eagerly but not commenting, since I am only Jim’s mum’s friend!!! But since you asked for a comment here goes: it has been terrific reading of your great adventure. I am going to try the baked whole pineapple one day- that looked fun! You have got me thinking about adventure and getting going so your trip is an inspiration! Thank you and I will comment again. Oh loved the turtle, whale and dolphin pics and think your ocean swimming is awesome!
    Bye Barbaraz

  3. Susanne Maas says:

    It is really good to hear from you all! I am missing Elinca and the great time with you, now here the winter is close with its darkness in the north of Sweden but so it`s time for candles and cosiness :-). Enjoy the stars, natures and your great community! S

  4. Fin says:

    Hi guys, I have just found your blogs and am enjoying(& rather envious) of your adventures. As I don’t know you I was simply going to ‘like’ your blog but Gemma has bullied me into commenting๐Ÿ˜œ. Have the time of your lives and stay safe!

  5. Aimee says:

    Zoe…… You guys look like you are having an amazing time!! I have been keeping up with the blog – it’s funny to see sailing and boat pictures in amongst all the nail polish stuff I follow ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lots of love Aimรฉe

  6. Barbara matthewman says:

    Cliggy. You are dead right. I check your position daily and faithfully follow all the blogs. I also bore all my friends and acquaintances and other random people about your adventure. Veronika is following the blog regularly too, Tess sporadically. Robin and Sue are also looking in. I will check up on Marina tomorrow when she Skypes.
    Looking forward to the next opportunity to catch up on a bit more detail.
    By the way, I would like some more sperm whale pictures please.

  7. Vicky says:

    I’m not sure I’m writing this in the right place but if I am then HELLO sailors! Am enjoying your blog & sunny photos. It’s pretty nippy back home- there are early morning frosts and even the deer have got their winter coats on… bet you’re dead jealous.
    Al: Hope you weren’t too seasick! You’ll be pleased to know that in your absence you have fulfillied your life-long ambition of being a Dyson-owner (it is strange what you learn about someone once you’ve married them and its too late to back out…). Thanks for birthday wishes!
    Happy sailing!

  8. Hi Kids,Yes I am one of the folks back on the mainland liking all the posts. You are my heroes and I just can’t wait to join you in April ( with Kazoos and Clown noses) . If I could just decide that 11 pairs of shoes for the trip was a good idea, then life will be right with the world. I wish I could be more witty, just know you all are on my mind and in my heart…Travel well

  9. Katrin says:

    Hey Cliggy! Reading the blog became kind of my morning routine. Thanks to the time difference I always read it on my way to work (the only good thing about taking the bus). And then everybody at work gets an update, no matter whether they want to hear it. And my parents get a summary/update on your trip every weekend when we Skype. Liebe Gruesse soll ich bestellen ๐Ÿ™‚ They wish you and the crew all the best. Getting more and more excited about seeing you all soon. A big hug to you and the crew. Kx

  10. Paula says:

    Hi Nick – we love the blog and open it as soon as it arrives regardless of what we are doing. Really enjoyed your blog yesterday. I am a complete bore and tell everyone what you are up to and insist on reading bits out to them. My Cranfield cohort drew the line at naked chefs and I thought it best to protect their sensibilities. Grandma Lo amazingly sounding well and up and about so soon after her op. She has been too busy to talk to me because of needing to arrange ALL the flowers she has been sent!!. She will really love the name check and I will get a proper response from her when I visit tomorrow. Love from us both.

  11. I have a recipe suggestion for the bad man baker: souffle! I reckon that could be an interesting challenge in a gale and look forward to hearing the results ๐Ÿ™‚ All my love, Jess xxx

  12. Jim's mum says:

    Hi Jim (James to me!)
    I decided no reason why I could not try ringing my great college friend in Mar del Plata myself – she answered the phone as luckily still the same number as when she gave it to me many years ago – and had a lovely chat. She lives near the marina and is looking forward to meeting up with you – and offering you a bath! She balked at the idea of offering 14! Will text/email her details in due course.

    Not sure how many of the family and friends are following the blog but they are getting an earful of your trip progress and doings from me.
    Best to you all.

  13. Abi says:

    Hi Nick, Alway read the blog-I like hearing about your fun while I’m working hard in nz! Sounds like you’re having an amazing time, something I still find hard to imagine with all the time spent on the boat… Sometimes I feel sea sick just reading the posts. Summer is definitely here this side of the equator so enjoy. On the food front i think an apple based dessert is always a winner ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep having an amazing time and remember to bring back a penguin Abi

  14. Hilary Garratt says:

    Hi Jess ,
    Just home from running like a hare around the country as usual .Love the photo’s and the blog ,bit worried about your new relationship with Wilson though as I don’t think he’s quite son in law material . Just can not put my finger on why I feel this way – but I think it might be best at this point to just dump him in the sea if you feel you are able . it’s great to see you are having an amazing time and you look really well . it’s a bit cold here and I am convinced the whole of England is coming down with the winter bug – everyone I speak to is throwing up and toilet rolls are fast becoming scarce in the supermarkets .Everyone fine here ,Mardie making amazing curries ,Will being fed and watered by Anne of York ,Sarah looking glamorous and Dad on the football pitch and bonding with Jack . Jack threw up yesterday so I think he has the UK bug too !
    Take care ,lots of Love ,Mum xxxxxx

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