15th of November: First mention of the “C” word (i.e. cold) since they left European waters

Position Report: 30’08S 47’47W @ 1035UTC
Intentions: to keep broadreaching until the wind doesnt let us anymore. Some time around midnight tonight we will probably be head to wind rather than runnning.

It’s windy and we’re down to the staysail and 3 reefs in the main and averaging 9 knots which is nice and within my comfort zone 🙂  Unfortnately it means that we haven’t done Mikes quiz as its a bit rolly and everyone took advantage of the flat water last night to get to bed early.

Blog from Joe and comments from Jon and Jess

Three days out of Rio and we’ve already lost Jess, one of the youngest crew, to Ocean Madness. The irony is that we all thought she’d crack in the daytime heat talking to her water bottle (a.k.a. ‘Wilson’). Instead – after a tranquil night watch (2000 – 0000h) chatting about ways to improve strait-jackets with fleece lining* – a night of bad sleep in a rolling swell which came up out of the north-east left Jess talking determinedly to a
sleeping bag hanging on a hook on the wall for an hour… More worryingly still she volunteered to go up to the foredeck for a reef (== certain wetness) but since we’ve not got any spare crew she’ll have to do until we reach Argentina – and a nice safe strait-jacket.


Meanwhile, life on board has continued more-or-less as normal; watches change, meals are cooked, and armpits not washed. The outside world intrudes into our happy little ship in the form of the odd piece of seagoing rubbish (2 litres skimmed – worth detouring to look at), whales (possibly) and Great Shearwaters [Ed please note: should be able to find a picture of one of these on Wikimedia Commons free-to-use? They’re cool birds…] which glide and swoop around the boat like aerial ice dancers. What is new is the weather. What is this strange feeling on our bare skin at night? There’s a sort of sharpness, a bit like water but without any water. It makes us want to eat toast and instant noodles, and an epidemic of ‘baselayers’ has broken out amongst us. ‘Baselayers’ means wearing the same vest for a very long time. apparently. Of course the days are still hotter than the surface of the Sun, but the nights now are fast becoming, what’s the word?


*’Like a onsie, but all secure,’ said Jess, ‘It would make you feel nice and safe and calm…’


And in addition, 2 comments that we missed yesterday

From Jess,
Sorry i didnt write my messages in time for them to be sent to the blog, I was asleep! Here they are:
Mum and Dad- I know that you read the blog everyday and thanku for that. Im still having an amazing time and I dont want to get off. Dad, I’ll see you in Ushuaia, be prepared to drag me from Elinca kicking and screaming because I ain’t going back to the UK that easy. Could you please tell Gran and Grandad that I said ‘hi’. Cheers to Grandad for reading the blog when Dad shows you it, I heard that you enjoyed all the pictures and the mini films that the crew made. I’ll make sure i tell you all about the voyage and Elinca when i get home :c). To the rest of my family and friends who read the blog (in particular, Anne, Joan, Colette and Louise)- thanks billions for your blog messages!! Its really nice to know that you are reading all about it. Hope all is well at home. Anne- One of the crew members, Zoe, hopes that you will keep commenting on the blog on the first Antartica leg,
as she loves your messages :).
Sarah, could  u let Mardi know that I am eating well on the boat (i know that is more of her concern than what the weather is like on the ocean!)
Tom- Hope your enjoying yourself now that you are in Manchester, not long till you go home ay?! Safe flights and il see you there in 5 weeks or so.

From Jon:
I’m afraid that my bed was also looking very tempting at four yesterday morning and so I went to bed after watch rather than contributing to theblog.
Happy belated birthday to Norman. Hi to Heather, Kirsty, Joyce and Bernie too.
Rossall, no skis onboard but the bin bags look like they’ll make good sledges on the easier slopes. Hello to all the other SUCCers too. I hope that Chris and everyone had a brill time in Nepal. Have a brill time at New Year and hopefully I’ll make it to one soon.
Hi to everyone from Uniscanoe and I hope that L’chelle has a safe trip back
to the Southern Hemisphere. Kim will be relieved to know that my shirt and waist size hasn’t changed.
John Dale and everyone else from the James Cook will be pleased to know that the food portions here are big enough (just about) but I am missing Lucy Bear. The one computer and the satellite email systems here are just as much work as the AMS on there. Hi to everyone back at NOC too. Strangely I do miss work and am sort of looking forward to getting back in June. I hope that all the systems are settling down on the new Disco and that the reorganisation on the top floor is going well.

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8 Responses to 15th of November: First mention of the “C” word (i.e. cold) since they left European waters

  1. Tom says:

    Hey to all on-board,

    sounds like you’re all still having a great time on-board, keep the blogs and photos coming! It’s no real surprise to hear that Jess has gone mad, I thought she would’ve cracked ages ago :P. Guess I’ll hav to book an extra ticket to Aus now so that ‘Wilson’ can come too.
    Nice idea with the last blogs to be you guys talking to us, makes for a nice change and nice to hear you are all still thinking of family and friends back home. All the best guys,

  2. Anne Crawford says:

    Hurray Jess, thought you might have fallen overboard when you weren’t in yesterday’s blog but now I know you were just busy talking to your sleeping bag. Hey Ho, not surprised, hope someone took a photo of you. For my new friend Zoe, I will continue to comment especially for her when you disembark. I will have a look on the photos so I know who she is! I can imagine how hard it will be for you when your dad had to drag you from the boat.
    I have been looking for your Christmas pressie so you can have it before you fly south for the winter. Meant to tell you Jess that Kevin and family in Canada are also following you daily. I was talking to him on SKYPE. My new name is ‘hop-a-long’ as I have a large aircast boot on and a crutch for my fractured ankle. Wings clipped a bit but thanks to friends not too much…you know me!

  3. Joan Atherton says:

    Hi Jess Seems ages since you left home, we have just returned from G.Can aria this week thought of you all when we were at Santa Catalina Louise and Paul were really pleased to see you.now home it feels cold, will be catching up with your mum next week as I have just arrived in London until next weds. Carry on enjoying yourself. Joanx

  4. Stevie G says:

    Have bought straight jacket and will leave it with you when I arrive in Ushuaia. I have no intention of dragging Jess off boat when I arrive if she is:
    (a) completely mad
    (b) talking to sleeping bags
    (c) bringing a water bottle back with her.
    (d) hanging round with anyone/ anything called WILSON??
    (e) not washing her armpits
    (f) still wearing the same string vest
    (g) talking about onesie’s
    (h) unable to spell onesie
    (I) still going for a reef(er)

    Good that you are now talking to us ( better than sleeping bags and water bottles!). Really good to hear from you.
    Won quiz last night with Tom’s help. Sixty points!! Team title -“Tom ‘s last quiz” Still missing your BLONDE brain power. You will have last opportunity to join in between coming back and flying to Australia.
    In meantime not much changed here. It is becoming very cold, the nights are becoming very dark and Jack managed to trick me into giving him a second tea (Tom fed him before I arrived home and then he followed me round pretending he was hungry…)
    You looked great in that skype conversation before you left Cape Verde – and in the photos recently issued.
    So glad you are enjoying yourself, it’s going to be so difficult coming back to the real world!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Safe journey! x

  5. Anne Crawford says:

    Anne of York here again. Saturday morning and I think I have a bug. It’s probably called ‘Elinca Fever”. I can’t believe I woke up with it! There I was lying peacefully in my bed waking to thoughts of the crew and in particular James’s mum and dad! The photo of Jim and all the fruit tucked away so neatly (for a while) was in my head and I was thinking how full I am of admiration for both Jim and James’s mum..who I can see but need reminding of name (apologies). What a fabulous adventure. ( Jess you were a second thought along with Zoe). So here I am, still in dressing gown, with cup of coffee, ready to start the day. It’s not too bad a bug to have though…love to all.

  6. Anne Crawford says:

    I meant Heather and Norman! Greeting mixed up with all the names!

  7. Hi Jon,

    The Disco is still alongside the NOC, things going well, but I have no information what is happening on the top floor. ;-))
    Take care bon voyage Zoltan

  8. Fletcher Christian says:

    You better hurry back Jonny – the lunatics are frantically trying to take over the asylum!

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