Photos, comments and plee for questions for the Mucky Duck quiz

Hi everyone,

Firstly, sorry I’ve been rubbish at uploading more photos – will hopefully get to do it tonight.

Secondly, thanks for all the comments yesterday – keep them coming 🙂

Thirdly, Mike Lavelle has been posting quiz questions this week and it would be great be great to get some more so that we could put together a “Homies round” for Suday’s quiz. So please please get your thinking caps on and I’m sure between us all we can come up with 10 more (before noon on Sunday) to add to Mikes.

Thanks a mill,


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7 Responses to Photos, comments and plee for questions for the Mucky Duck quiz

  1. Anne Crawford says:

    Questions for the quiz

    Where does the name ‘Atlantic’ come from?
    What are ‘The Roaring Forties’?
    What is a coelacanth?

    Happy quizzing for Sunday evening

    • Gemma says:

      Thanks Anne, that’s great. Will pass them on.

      • Can I have the answers Anne so I can pass them on to Zoe please? She is keen to know who won last night’s quiz 🙂

      • Anne Crawford says:

        1. The name Atlantic is derived from the legendary Island ‘Atlantis’ as described by Plato

        2. In South Atlantic there is a large stretch of water between the tips of South Africa and South America, which causes huge waves and continuous strong winds, known as The Roaring Forties

        3. A coelacanth is a type of fish that first appeared in the some 300 million years ago. In 1938 one was caught alive by fisherman off the southern coast of Africa. These fish had been thought to have been extinct for more than 60 million years.

        (Taken from ‘interesting no fun facts about Atlantic Ocean’)

      • Thanks Anne, I’ve passed them on 🙂

  2. Andrea Seedhouse says:

    Question for the quiz…

    In the process of debearding in Rio how many styles of facial hair did Alan create? (We have picture evidence for all of them!)

    Missing everyone on the boat, but we’re having a great time in Brazil. Saw 3 jaguars yesterday in Pantanal! Special hello to Zoe, keep that water bottle full 😉

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