24 hours of beauty and contrasts

First of all – Happy Birthday to Carolyn, my Mum.  Love you, and missing you.

What a 24 hours of beauty and contrasts!  We started yesterday morning with
a 3rd reef at first light with the wind building from behind, and spent all
of the daylight hours racing before a near gale.
We had azur blue skies, dark, navy seas rolling and roiling after us,
turquiose where they’ve broken and pure brilliant white where they’re
We’ve had yellowing faces of mal de mer, golden tans, grey suits
and green curry.
As darkness fell so did the breeze, the pressure bottoming out 20
millibars lower than it had been at midnight, leaving us 4/5 metre seas so
an hour of motoring and battery charging introduced us to the fury of a
thunderstorm from dead in our path, this time bringing staggering views in
Dark, brooding, black depths in squalls, lit by the odd flash
of muted lightening, clearing to greys of hope and light on the horizon,
then the drama of an enormous amount of moonlight highlighting scudding low
clouds and the higher, more stately, alto cumulous of a chaotic sky.
Now, the barometer has begun its march back to the heights of midnight last,
and we’ll beat into the near gale in our face with a snugged down rig and
spray streaming off of us.
It’s 6am and we’ve gone full circle, the sun is rising, the clouds are
drenched in peach and orange and purple and its time for bed for me!

Thank you Angus for the Puket!


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5 Responses to 24 hours of beauty and contrasts

  1. John Theakston says:

    Sounds absolutely brilliant sitting on a motorway service area on the M1. Can’t wait. John

  2. Anne Crawford says:

    James this is such a poetically vivid description. Thanks so much.

  3. Thankyou James, had a lovely lunch out with dad, gran, Suzanne, Jonny & Liam. Going out for dinner tonight also. This leg seems to be a bit more like the sailing you should be doing not that lazing in the sun, swimming in sea ect! You will enjoy the experience, I’m sure, your all in our thoughts, Liam, Suzanne, Colin & Jenny all send their love too. Luv mum & dad xx

  4. Heather Seddon says:

    Hi to you all & Happy Saturday. We are settling back into life on land. Thank you for a great adventure – we had an amazing time.
    Best wishes,
    Norman & Heather

  5. Pete Lamb says:

    Ahoy there, hope you are all well and enjoying every minute of your amazing trip. The descriptions you all give of the weather and general life on board are just fantastic, it really feels like we are there with you. We cant wait each day to read the next installment – its like a best seller that we just cant put down. We are hoping that Jenn may share some more thoughts and even a photo soon unless she has been whipped of the deck by one of those circling Albert Rosses in which case could someone let us know? Everybody is asking after you Jenn and we even bumped into Nippy this week who sends his best. Grandma L has been introduced to your blog too and wishes you well although she struggles with the technology of it all. It was her Birthday yesterday (Sat 16th) and she says thanks for her card and pressie. We are sat watching a documentary from Manchester Children’s Hospital at the moment but havent seen you pass by yet. We bet you all dont miss TV one little bit do you?? Maybe you could each tell us what you miss most be it a bacon butty, Coronation Street, Draft beer or maybe just a floor that doesnt move constantly? Take care, thinking of you all, special love to Jenn. xxx

    We seem to be sharing your night time conditions and the jumpers and fleeces are out here too

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