17th November: Socks, jumpers and Moustaches

Good MO-ning to you all,

No this blog post isn’t about ‘Allo ‘allo but about the MO-nth of MO-vember.

If any of you in the last 17 days have noticed a greater proportion of the
male population sporting moustaches than normal, you will have realised that
MO-vember is upon us. If not, take a closer look at friends, family,
colleagues, neighbours or just strangers on the street who are looking
unusually handsome with hair above their top lips.

Three of us on board Elinca – Andy K, Andy R and myself, realised it would
be unfair to allow our crewmates to miss out on such a key MO-nth of the
year. Why should the isolation of the South Atlantic deprive them of such an
iconic MO-nth in the calendar? We last clean shaved on the 1st of MO-vember
and now have 14 days left to perfect our new facial features. MO-gress has
been good, and with the weather set to be much better today, trimming and
sculpting can take place.

Suggestions on designs are MO-st welcome…

For those of you not in the MO, the annual MO-vember campaign is a effort to
raise awareness of male cancers, with all of the money raised going towards
funding research in this field. Upon arrival in Mar (or should that be Mo?)
del Plata, photos will be uploaded to our MO-vember page along with
additional details about the charities themselves.

MO-re to follow in due course.

P.S. NEWSFLASH: All this wind and wave experience in the highs and lows of
the south Atlantic – with the wind back to its old tricks of blowing from
the destination – has brought with it a trait most bizarre for us. The
wearing of a garment as yet forgotten to the depths of kit bags: the
so-called ‘jumper’. Sometimes in the form of a ‘fleece’ this garment has
been seen keeping the top half of the body of crew members warm due to the
intensity of the sun being less than phenomenal. It has sparked use of
another word not heard in months: ‘cosy’. The suggestion is that the two
events are related, and may even be linked to another trend of boot wearing,
using the ‘sock’ as an intermediary. Petrified by the ramifications of this
phenomena I have remained in flip-flops. Besides, my MO is keeping me plenty
‘cosy’ enough…
Andy K

P.P.S. ACTUAL NEWS: Everything is fine on board, the wind has died off after
the last 2 days of fairground style fun. We will hopefully be able to have a
tidy up and recharge our batteries a little (sleeping hasn’t been this easy
for days). We are currently being circled by several hungry looking
Albatrosses, maybe if they flapped their wings they would catch more fish?
Andy R

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7 Responses to 17th November: Socks, jumpers and Moustaches

  1. sam says:

    Message for Zoe: We have been tracking your progress. We liked the albatross comment today as we met one at the aquarium in California. Three weeks ago Sam was v brave in hospital when he had his tonsils out. He took 8 days to recover but is back to full health now. Your old school is really fun! love Samuel (typed by himself)

  2. Pete Lamb says:

    Being a shore based landlubber can anyone explain to me why when I look at the tracker and click on you flag it says you are at an altitude of 8m???? I know its windy sometimes but I didnt realise you were actually FLYING along. I always thought altitude was measured in metres above sea level so maybe it depends on whether you are on top of a wave or in a trough – Hmmm????

  3. Mat Damon says:

    You can run from winter but you can’t hide!

  4. Anne Crawford says:

    Let me think for a MO-ment….

    Bring POIROT back to life!

  5. Mike Lavelle says:

    Which country was named after a great South American patriot? Bolivia after Simon Bolivar
    2. Name either of the two South American countries that have no coastline? Bolivia and Paraguay
    3. What name is given to the large, treeless plains south of the Amazon? Pampas
    4. What is the official language of Brazil? Portuguese
    5. What is the capital of Equador? ( and it’s not “E” for you smarta$$es!) Quito
    6. What strait separates Chile from Tierra Del Fuego? Straits of Magellan
    7. Which General overthrew Salvador Allende in 1973? Pinochet
    8. With which sport is Maria Bueno associated? Tennis
    9. What was the wife of Juan Peron called? Maiden name extra point…..Maria Eva Duarte, otherwise known by her nickname “Evita”
    10. What was the name of the Argentine General who precipitated the Falklands war? Galtieri

    and the first 4 questions, Zoe’s answers were correct….

  6. Benjy says:

    Jim – send a photo of your MO-vember attempt!


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